Animal Welfare News & Blogs - Year 2011

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Discovering Angel
10th Jan 2011, by Zeus Communications

Many weeks have passed and Angel is still adjusting to life without her owner, Salma. And like Salma, she misses her freedom on the streets. Angel is making some improvement - she does not seem as attached to Salma as she previously was and is starting to eat three meals a day! But she still jumps for joy when she sees Salma, although she doesn't cry too much after leaving the home in which Salma is in. Her desperate cries and whines never fail to tug at our heartstrings and bring tear...

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Mercy Has Her Day.
10th Jan 2011, by Second Chance

Our Riverside Ah Boy? NO! Its Rex! Rex?? Rex who? Rex, Mercy’s playmate! Doesn’t he looks like our riverside Ah Boy? Jessie insisted of adopting Mercy even when we told her she is hyperactive, destructive and needs a lot of attention. On top of that ,Mercy was having a cough. This still did not deter her for taking Mercy home. Rex is another hyperactive and destructive pet of hers. According to his daddy, Richard, every morning Rex will take out all their shoes from the shoe cab...

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A Very Belated Post
9th Jan 2011, by Second Chance

Hi all, meet Woodie aka Woodstock! Woodie was rescued and rehomed by Eileen a few months ago and we’re very delighted to see the latest pictures and updates that Eileen sent us =)             Woodie was abandoned by his owner when he moved out from his rented room without any notice. Fortunately, the owner’s housemate was kind enough to put Woodie up for adoption instead of throwing Woodie out from the house. Woodie is now living with a German l...

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Snotty Nose Needs A Home
9th Jan 2011, by Second Chance

Happy New Year everyone! We wish the year of rabbit will be kind upon all the strays and abandoned pets. We pray and hope that more people will choose to adopt instead of buying. And we hope that many many four legged frens will find a loving home they so deserved. This is Snotty Nose, not her real name of course >_< She’s white, she’s got a pair of bunny ears and an adorable snotty nose :D And she, like every 4 legged frens in the shelter, is looking for a home. If you’d like to ...

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Thank You For Your Kind Donations !
6th Jan 2011, by Second Chance

To Jessi and Family Thank you for your kind donations and for taking the time to visit our 4 legged friends in the shed. May you and family be blessed always.

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A Home For Tiger
6th Jan 2011, by Zeus Communications

After surviving the many ordeals life as a stray has thrown at him, Tiger is now ready to go home. This time, however, we have decided that Tiger needs to go to a real home, not the original factory where he came from. A home with family members who will protect him and shower him with love and care. It is hard to imagine how much pain Tiger has been put through and it is too high a risk for him to be returned “home” to be a stray. If we put him back on the streets, chances of Tiger being at...

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Monkey Business At Noah's Ark
4th Jan 2011, by Noah's Ark CARES

Those who have visited NANAS before will know that the canine species rule prominently, followed by our feline pals and then the rest of the other creatures. We do have one lonely pig tail macaque Alice aka Starbucks swinging around all by herself in her cage ever since our previous adult monkey and her only companion Ah Noy passed on in early 2010.Raymund was travelling back to NANAS from Muar with a volunteer one afternoon when he saw a troop of monkeys crossing the road. There was a baby monk...

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Handsome Boy, We’re Gonna Miss You Much!
4th Jan 2011, by Second Chance

Handsome Boy, whom used to be really timid, shy and jumpy, and also snappy when anyone try to approach him with a leash have learnt to trust and be comfortable around us. Therefore, it was an utter delight and joy to have him snuggling up to me, coz when they really snuggle you, it make you feel like you meant the world to them. And it really is a wonderful feeling =) I’m so glad to have that goodbye snuggle with Handsome ( who wouldn’t :D ) though at that time we didn’t know that ...

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The Gal In Tux
4th Jan 2011, by Second Chance

Vanessa is kinda new gal on the block… Well, not really new, but not really been in the shed for that long too.. We sincerely hope that she won’t be long here, ie. will find a loving home real soon =) With the patch of fluffy white fur on her chest, she sure look like she’s wearing a tux.. rite? rite? Looking so sharp and smart too! Vanessa is one cheeky and mischievous girl too but nothing a little training can’t handle. Psstt… She is also short-legged.. like Bobo and Marisa...

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Whatever It Takes…praying Session For The Doggies…
2nd Jan 2011, by Second Chance

Recently we have quite a number of deadly virus attacking the pups in the shed. Aunty Kiew hence had a sembayang session at the temple praying for peacefulness for the shelter and also for the dead pups so they can rest well in heaven. She brought along yellow glutinous rice, curry chicken and also fruits to pray, after that the volunteers have a feast! Selfless Aunty Kiew is willing to do whatever it takes for the sake of the rescued doggies in the shed… We do hope the shed ...

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Awww Marble….
2nd Jan 2011, by Second Chance

Cadmus, who has adopted Marble, sent us the latest update about Marble. Marble has since then grown up so much…. More photos of Marble…. Tricks that Cadmus taught Marble….Bang Bang…I surrender!! That is awesome!! Good job Cadmus! and Marble you too….. Thank you Cadmus, for giving Marble a good home!!

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Bath Time For Subu
1st Jan 2011, by Second Chance

Subu finally get to enjoy her beauty bath, specially by Richard…Yeah…yeah…only Richard can manage her gigantic size….:D Snooze time after her bath…   Would you like to spend your time with our furryzens too?…just give us a call…or write to us at [email protected]

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Update From Mimi And Hitam
1st Jan 2011, by Second Chance

Mimi, our beautiful mama dog that was rescued in the market, together with Hitam were both adopted by Mrs Cheok and Mr Lim from Ampang. Hitam, who has been renamed Jack, and Mimi are settled in their new home now. Mimi who has been very quite at the beginning started to bark after a few days in their new home. We are hoping more people will come forward to adopt rescued pets instead of buying, you will save a life if you choose to adopt! Happy Mimi and Jack cuddling together…  ...

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Happy New Year!!
1st Jan 2011, by Second Chance

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy year ahead. And really really wish for a loving home for all our 4 legged frens!

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Animal Communication Workshops – Empowering People And Animals
1st Jan 2011, by Zeus Communications

  Learning how to communicate with animals can change your life, like it did for us. Anyone can learn how to do it, whether you are intuitive or logical.What is Animal Communication?When some people think of Animal Communication, animal behavior and body language come to mind. However, animal communication goes much deeper than that. It is not about observing the animals’ behavior, like an animal behaviourist. There is a telepathic side that allows for interspecies communication, and...

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