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Latest Pet Comments

2018-08-14SkittleJackLene said: Hi there Jason. At this moment I'm waiting for Rin..
2018-08-14PF89574yuzuyu said: Hi is the hedgehog still available?
2018-08-14Tridentprimilag82 said: Hi! We are in kelana jaya
2018-08-14SonjePooja772001 said: Is it still available
2018-08-14DinosaurShimm94 said: hi still available?
2018-08-14Total Eclipse Leopard Geckocliveseow said: Hello Owner, still available?
2018-08-14TridentTinkerbell_05 said: Hi sis..is this kitten still up for adoption?which..
2018-08-14Sophiedaisyeng said: Hi, I'm Co. Email from Puchong also
2018-08-14Sophiedaisyeng said: Hi, I would like to adopt this puppy, is it still ..
2018-08-14Sophie - Golden Retriever Mix!madu said: I want her
2018-08-14PF86592SylviaMizuki said: Is the golden/samoyed still available?
2018-08-14ScoutSylviaMizuki said: Is the puppy still available?
2018-08-14Skittlejason03 said: Hello! Hello! Jason here. Is skittle still availab..
2018-08-14PolarNKWong said: Hi, still available?
2018-08-14Uncle PLimyuewei said: Are you giving this for free?
2018-08-13TerrierwangJack said: yes she is. If you are keen to adopt, please WA 01..
2018-08-13PF89503cloudstrife87 said: sure, please WhatsApp my mobile 0129699048
2018-08-13Eyes Not Opened New Born kbotks said: Yes, still available. However, if there is any ado..
2018-08-131 Female GuineaPig For Adoption-SerembanEmilykoh said: 012-777 2393
2018-08-131 Female GuineaPig For Adoption-SerembanEmilykoh said: Is it still available? 012-777 2393
2018-08-132 Male GuinePigs For Adoption-N.SembilanEmilykoh said: 012-777 2393
2018-08-132 Male GuinePigs For Adoption-N.SembilanEmilykoh said: Hi, I'm Emily from Puchong. I would like to adopt ..
2018-08-132 Male GuinePigs For Adoption-N.Sembilandaisyeng said: Hi, I very from Puchong. I would like to adopt Yr ..
2018-08-12MaymayLheo85 said: Still available for adoption?
2018-08-12Snowflake And Snowball Lheo85 said: Still available for adoption?
2018-08-125 KittensLheo85 said: Still open for adoption the black female kitten. C..
2018-08-12Apr Female _2 (labrador Mix)siewyan94 said: Hi! I would like to know if she is still up for ad..
2018-08-12PF89525neethaa said: Stil available??
2018-08-12MikiRubyChiew said: it is still available?
2018-08-12ScarlettEunice1 said: She is lovely and I wish to adopt her. May I know ..
2018-08-12Eyes Not Opened New Born Fieliez said: Still available? Can i book first and rehome this ..
2018-08-12MuffinYou_win said: Is he good around kids?
2018-08-11PF88161KTNongKeng said: Please let me know if I could come and get this do..
2018-08-1118 Rabbits ( 15 Adopted)KanggaiRkanggaiSelvaraju said: Hello miss can you send me your contact number tha..
2018-08-11PF89503kitsunechan02 said: If i want, can take only 1?
2018-08-11RoofyAnneWest said: I've already emailed. Pls check. Tq
2018-08-11TigerPamelaTan said: Why don’t want him? So adorable!
2018-08-11PF89321AnneWest said: Hi. Is this cat still available?
2018-08-11MuffinElvinXiong said: Hi, is she available for adoption?
2018-08-11SophieNicholosiaDecruz said: Hello, I'm Valarena from Kuala Lumpur.I would like..
2018-08-11Julius’s EllyssaRazali said: Can i adopt this ? Ws me +60102729326
2018-08-111 Female GuineaPig For Adoption-Serembansvetlanasvens said: In case you didn’t receive it, here’s my numbe..
2018-08-111 Female GuineaPig For Adoption-Serembansvetlanasvens said: I’m interested and sent my email address and pho..
2018-08-10Hedgehog Babies HogletMasriRavindran said: Please dont sell newborn hoglets. Its extremely de..
2018-08-10Cream Toy PoodleRaymondLoong said: Is it still available? Is it noisy coz i am stayin..
2018-08-10Tun Simba schinlim said: @kellychow yes pls whatsapp thx
2018-08-10Tuxedoliqien said: I am contactable at 016 356 2968. He's still avail..
2018-08-10Tuxedoliqien said: Hi, it's a He.
2018-08-10Tiggerjkatz said: Yes Kelly pls whatsapp 0123698218 for enquiry tq
2018-08-10Patchyboaayumi said: hi Patchy is not open for adoption? I'm interested..

Latest Member Comments

2018-08-13Eunice1kbean said: Yes. u can. Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833. U migh..
2018-08-12MuhinuthinHMohideenBarveen said: hello . iam intersting to adopt sky. please consid..
2018-08-09Serahphinajjason03 said: Hello , is yuki still available? Would like a frie..
2018-08-06erictus25JamesMesh said: is uncle p still up for adoption?
2018-08-06CgOngPirakaashAlumalai said: Hi, can I adopt cooper
2018-08-06FerryjayAntonioTan said: The pet still available
2018-08-05ssleongkbean said: U might whatsapp 012-6933833 or u might let let us..
2018-08-02LucyPhuah12KuganEsh1 said: Hi isit still available
2018-08-02SaraBaKuganEsh1 said: Hi saraba. Is it still available
2018-07-29SharonPkbean said: Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833 for the adoption. S..
2018-07-27maggie1919AnimalLover559 said: looking for pug puppy or bull dog puppy. pls conta..
2018-07-26jasmynetaiAmySim said: Pls call me back at 012-2222773 interested in Husk..
2018-07-25Emilee_hoAnimalLover557 said: Gamora still available ? if yes, pls cntact 01232..
2018-07-25jinee90EddTuah said: Hai....your cat still available?
2018-07-24EkynEBClaireIce said: Hi, my cat, Sabby still available. If you really i..
2018-07-24GibrayKhanClaireIce said: Hi, still available. If you really interested with..
2018-07-24jantengjanteng said: ok, 0125173522.
2018-07-24hildachungAnimalLover557 said: Hi.. Still available?
2018-07-24AlmostAliceiriaz said: Hello Alice. I am very sorry for taking so long to..
2018-07-23jasmynetaifelixtakeshe said: I need more inform of the husky girl
2018-07-23jantengZarithZandra said: may I have your contact number? easier to communic..
2018-07-22JoeyKamDaveLim said: if you have any hamster need adoption please let m..
2018-07-19amy_melaniemikael001 said: Hi, both still available?
2018-07-18KhadeejaAJAlexAdnan said: Hi, Does Max loose lot of hair? is he still avail..
2018-07-18Sheeluniki_ivon said: Yes coco is available. Please email me. Thanks
2018-07-17rysha_livingyoungerkbean said: Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833
2018-07-15Innovation999kbean said: Pls contact 012-6933833
2018-07-09JoeyKamJayshan said: Hi Joey can we 4 of them , My daughters wants them..
2018-07-08DominicJosephcatleyow said: Hi Dominic! Sorry I didn't see your comment till ..
2018-07-07Ericpokeizzahazman said: Only the #2 and #4 kitten is available
2018-07-06emzy93eizzahazman said: Hello! This is regarding the kitten #3 that you'r..
2018-06-29mimintosC_Ming said: Thank you for having interested in adoption but I'..
2018-06-28smchu123kinki said: Hi, here are puppies waiting for adoption http://w..
2018-06-28Popibelson0425 said: Hi, Tippy himself is spayed.
2018-06-27yvonnesammanss said: hi, i would really love to adopt the cat is there ..
2018-06-23Mitheresshkbean said: Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833
2018-06-22halicatHalijahTaib said: Salam anak kucing yg kaler putih with light brown ..
2018-06-21JackieEmmaSaAb said: HI, IF HE IS AVAILABLE PLEASE CALL ME 01128689575
2018-06-20WILLRoyalevvenk1983 said: Please feel free to call me at 0162033897. I have ..
2018-06-20eugenebienSubaMagas said: hi there, is sparky still up for adoption?
2018-06-20tommypehSubaMagas said: is he still up for adoption?
2018-06-19CgOngMkwong said: Hi can i hv ur email add pls? Thanks
2018-06-19mschelleyanjchiew82 said: WhatsApp me 019 699 8238
2018-06-19ValeriePohValeriePoh said: Thank you all. Jamie has fetched JJ.
2018-06-19ValeriePohPet72 said: Hello Valerie, I think the owner Jamie is trying t..
2018-06-19ValeriePohScoobaTank said: Hello Valerie The owner of this Schnauzer is tryi..
2018-06-17WILLRoyaleSaAb said: if available please call me 01128689575
2018-06-15Pearl15ChestherGoh said: Hi Pearl, Good day. I saw your profile that inter..
2018-06-15AinurMarlisaChestherGoh said: Hi AinurMarlisa, Good day. I saw your profile tha..
2018-06-15SayaGedChestherGoh said: Hi SayaGed, Good day. I saw your profile that int..

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