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Latest Pet Comments

2017-01-24SushiAlexandraChong said: I send u an email with my phone numner please chec..
2017-01-24Max (Labrador Spitz Mixed Breed)Fonghee said: Hi anne, I had email you already.
2017-01-24German Shepherd MixFarmanElahi said: [email protected] Seri kembagan
2017-01-24German Shepherd MixFarmanElahi said: I want male contact 0176499743 (Serious buyer) nam..
2017-01-24Ten Pupssamanthaklk said: Hi, Is the white one a male?
2017-01-24JandSmyyhAdnan said: Salam ada lgi.boleh bagi contact no if nak
2017-01-24Dawn - IpohStephanieHong said: Yes.
2017-01-24Male Teddy Enoch said: I want to adopt
2017-01-23JandAzimkhan said: Salam ..kucing msih ad?
2017-01-23Upin & IpinAzimkhan said: Sy bminat nk amik kucing ni..0102517923
2017-01-23MochiMaysarah said: can whatsapp me at this number 0173925800
2017-01-23Little TabbyRaifanaAnne said: Hi, still available?
2017-01-23BagelEileen08 said: Yes, please call me. thanks
2017-01-23Max (Labrador Spitz Mixed Breed)annechong said: Fong Hee, Can ask if you reply or not of my email..
2017-01-23Phoebe auto30 said: nice
2017-01-23Kittty auto30 said: lovely
2017-01-23Sushisamanthaklk said: Hi Alexandra, Sorry I could not see your no. Cou..
2017-01-23PF80454samanthaklk said: Hi Evelyn, You can reach me at 012-5645266
2017-01-23♥ Snow White ♥Vee20 said: Jocelyn: Yes she's still available. Please drop me..
2017-01-23Hugo & HappyOyenuga said: is it still available
2017-01-23MimiLorraine_73 said: Pls email me ur tel no. My email is lorrainesofia(..
2017-01-23TakilaMom-BigBone 14Pups(Toilet Trained)simran_madness said: Are the puppies still available? and , can you pos..
2017-01-23Timmy HarrisBaguinKurais said: Is timmy still available?im interested to adopt th..
2017-01-23ButterMorgansae said: My dream pet
2017-01-23ButterMorgansae said: Stills available
2017-01-22Lala-chanMorgansae said: Still available
2017-01-22GUINEA PIG For Adoptkennethncw said: I want to adopt your guinea pigs. Still available?..
2017-01-22Peanut & ButterWawaqnis said: Alvin. Its that cats still available. How can i co..
2017-01-22FerbyHagilanHagi said: im interested to adpt ferby..how i wana contact yo..
2017-01-22HomeTrained (Dasher)YixineChong said: Is he still available for adoption?
2017-01-22German Shepherd MixLucasLiew said: Yes, still have a Brown female
2017-01-22Bagelneena_s_w said: Is Bagel still available?
2017-01-22Max (Labrador Spitz Mixed Breed)Fonghee said: My hp no. 0125699204, you can WhatsApp me regardin..
2017-01-21Max (Labrador Spitz Mixed Breed)Olaf88 said: I want to adopt him if he is still available ;)
2017-01-21CodyCrystalNG said: Hi .. I interested to adopt
2017-01-21Max (Labrador Spitz Mixed Breed)HagilanHagi said: Pls contact me 0143380544
2017-01-21PF80454evelynsan said: Yes..still available for adoption.. can you please..
2017-01-21BlackyKhoomeileng said: Beautiful. Love to have her if she is available.
2017-01-21Max (Labrador Spitz Mixed Breed)mahita said: Hi can I adopt him
2017-01-21Max (Labrador Spitz Mixed Breed)Salbyjoe said: Contact Number please
2017-01-21Max (Labrador Spitz Mixed Breed)Fonghee said: Ya, he is very cute but unfortunately i couldn't t..
2017-01-21German Shepherd Mixhemashine_karuppa said: hi, i wanted to adopt... still available?
2017-01-21Male Puppy AnushiaGopinath said: Ms Jasmine 016 282 6925 Can you please call the ..
2017-01-21Max (Labrador Spitz Mixed Breed)Lash said: He is very cute. Kind of interested with him
2017-01-21SushiAlexandraChong said: my number is 0173893288
2017-01-21LeelaSyedSalman said: No sorry .. she already has a new owner now..
2017-01-21German Shepherd MixLucasLiew said: Puppy still young, if you want, may booking now, t..
2017-01-21Max (Labrador Spitz Mixed Breed)dalveen92 said: I'm interested ...can I have your contact? I have ..
2017-01-21Mickey +60105635919Bette said: Yes he's still available... may you please comment..
2017-01-21Rocky dasgenies said: Hi,is Rocky still available?

Latest Member Comments

2017-01-24samanthaklkAlexandraChong said: 0173893288-Alex for the Jack russel adoption
2017-01-22ianlimyylytengt said: Is Taman Serdang Raya
2017-01-22ianlimyylytengt said: Raman's serdang Raya , can whatsapp me
2017-01-22ianlimyylytengt said: Yes...
2017-01-18Bettesurilavender said: He looks same as my late cat boboy. Very quiet and..
2017-01-18SubashiniManirajahEUGENAxj said: Hi. I have one last labrador Crossed Breed female ..
2017-01-18AnimalLover409EUGENAxj said: the labrador is still avail for adoption. if inter..
2017-01-14ianlimyylytengt said: Is at seri kembangan
2017-01-13Stephyslladygie said: Hi Stephanie is Naido still available?
2017-01-13zapzipEiwen95 said: Hi how can i contact u? Call me 0166847622
2017-01-13zapzipEiwen95 said: Helo i ada full black anak kucing. Looking for a ..
2017-01-09JeraldQuekyogi13 said: Hi Jerald, puppy Tiara still available.please call..
2017-01-09rajaamerNanaSupardi said: hai assalamualaikum .. saya nana supardi.. nak tan..
2017-01-08CutailCutail said: yes. But it seem that still very small and I worr..
2017-01-07Farr27stephanvd66 said: Hi Far, Yes still available. And located in Pucho..
2017-01-06CutailSofWilliams said: hi. Are you looking into adopting the orphaned kit..
2017-01-06samanthaklkEUGENAxj said: Call me to make appointment
2017-01-05karyeesamanthaklk said: Hi, Is Cody still available?
2017-01-05NatACatEUGENAxj said: yes he is still avail for adoption with adoption f..
2017-01-05samanthaklkEUGENAxj said: yes. he is still avail. 011 151 00622
2017-01-04ladiesmn33KhalisIrfan said: hello , masih ada lagi ke tak milo tuu ?
2017-01-04TeeJoeyyogi13 said: HiTee Joay My contact nos is 012-6707800
2017-01-02karyeeKiloYuan said: Hi,Cody still available for adoption?
2016-12-30EsteeNgFullsitiaisyaahh said: Hi, C.C is still available
2016-12-29Nithya89yogi13 said: Hi Nithya, Tiara still available. Please contact m..
2016-12-29karyeeedwinkek said: HI! Cody still available for adoption ?
2016-12-29hushpuppyhushpuppy said: Hi MunYap I am not sure whether you received my p..
2016-12-27Nithya89EUGENAxj said: Morning, He is a grown dog already and so, what y..
2016-12-25davidyetJamoAajamo said: Do u own a shop in kelang? Can I walk in?
2016-12-24MunYaphushpuppy said: Hi there Which puppy you are referring to? Can u ..
2016-12-24hushpuppyMunYap said: IS THOSE ADOPTION STILL AVAILABLE ? CAN I MEET THE..
2016-12-22MayTengHoCarmenFYYY said: Hi this is Donna, the Dalmatian owner. Yes she is ..
2016-12-22panda73addyjane said: Hi, if wanna adopt pikaboo, please contact 0123039..
2016-12-22MohdKhalisJaafarFulladdyjane said: Hi, if wanna adopt pikaboo, please contact 0123039..
2016-12-22intanazlin77MohdKhalisJaafarFull said: interested for adoption.. still available? saujana..
2016-12-21naskinMr_jack said: Still available?
2016-12-21IceSabertoothMr_jack said: Salam nak tanya..arnab tu ada lagi ?
2016-12-12abitjrchloewenyee said: hi ivw sent you an email. or u can whatsapp me at ..
2016-12-11Mizyorulytengt said: Hi yes all pups is available. You can whatsapp me.
2016-12-08JessierrgAnimalLover402 said: 那只白色的狗狗还有吗?
2016-12-07debzJassrose said: Hello, do check out male kitten Bruno's profile. H..
2016-12-07VenusvvvJassrose said: Hey there! Are you still looking for a companion? ..
2016-12-07ZahliaJassrose said: Adakah awak masih mencari anak kucing untuk adopt?..
2016-12-05Gin88chloewenyee said: whatsapp me at 010-4643148 Chloe for more info abo..
2016-12-04Sw09yogi13 said: Hi, Toby still available please contact me at 012-..
2016-12-02KimmiLimshaveen24 said: Hi Kimmi, sorry saw your comment on Abhi now only...
2016-12-02NethraPengJ said: if you haven't found your ideal kitty, check out N..
2016-12-02ReemAliPengJ said: if you haven't found your ideal kitty, check out N..
2016-11-29JessierrgKhairyKhalid said: HI FRIEND, THE CUTE PUPY STILL AVAILABLE?

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