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Latest Pet Comments

2018-06-21ByulGvb811 said: Hi I have adopted a white spitz age 5 year old fro..
2018-06-21ByulGvb811 said: Hi I have adopted a white spitz age 5 year old fro..
2018-06-21ByulGvb811 said: Hi I have adopted a white spitz age 5 year old fro..
2018-06-21Bean *sharontyj said: Is Bean still available for adoption?
2018-06-21CookieSaAb said: HI IF AVAILABLE PLEASE CALL ME 01128689575
2018-06-21Dog Missing In PuchongMichelleTeng said: Sorry but could this be your dog? https://www.face..
2018-06-21HappyMichelleTeng said: Sorry. Could this possibly be your dog? Though it'..
2018-06-21ByulAshbutter said: Is dog available for adoption pls?
2018-06-21CookieAshbutter said: Is pom still available for adoption pls?
2018-06-21CooperChrisPet said: Hi, may i know can i adopt copper?
2018-06-21Mina's PupsAshiqueFaisal said: I wanna adopt one of Mina's pup's. Can I?
2018-06-21AceAshiqueFaisal said: Can I adopt ace?
2018-06-21AcuraMitheressh said: I am a serious adopter
2018-06-21AcuraMitheressh said: Heloo is this pup still available??
2018-06-21Bean *AmbigaAby said: I would like to adopt bean
2018-06-21HeroMollyFong said: Found your dog at the OUG market. Pls email me you..
2018-06-21NemoDareenArRushdi said: Is Nemo still available?
2018-06-21ByulDareenArRushdi said: Hi, is Byul potty trained to pee on doggy pads?
2018-06-20PF88199XitengFong said: Hi, i would like to ask is tat brown color female ..
2018-06-20Buster & Tucker sheerry said: please contact my phone number 0136686020 thanks
2018-06-203 Guinea PigsSsanya said: Are they available?
2018-06-20Hazy & MayaSsanya said: Are they still available
2018-06-20Brownie & BuckySsanya said: Are they available
2018-06-203 Female 1 Male Guinea Pig For AdoptionSsanya said: Hi, I'm interested in adopting. How big does the c..
2018-06-20Ryan (轩轩)AshiqueFaisal said: Can I adopt Ryan??? Please. He is so cute.
2018-06-20Buster & Tucker Ssanya said: Hi I'm interested in adopting. How do I contact u?
2018-06-20CooperMkwong said: Hello CgOng.. tqvm, i received ur email and alread..
2018-06-20CooperCgOng said: Hi MkWong..replied ur email de. Pls check. Tq
2018-06-20CooperMkwong said: Hi CgOng.. i just drop u an email, mine from hot m..
2018-06-20CurlyXuanHui said: i had reply your email.
2018-06-20CooperCgOng said: This is my email cg81_ong@yahoo.com
2018-06-20Russelljj83 said: hi Jecinia whats your contact no?
2018-06-20BBMichelleTeng said: Hi. Is the dog still available for adoption?
2018-06-19CooperMkwong said: My email ismail dot com , tq
2018-06-19CooperMkwong said: Hi CgOng.. i have tried emailed through web enquir..
2018-06-19CooperKristinaTan said: Hi, can you share your email address? I don see it..
2018-06-19CooperCgOng said: Yes it is still available..pls drop me email and I..
2018-06-19Bean *JohnnyHooChongLee said: Hi, I'm interested to adopt Bean if you willing t..
2018-06-19Baymaxsohhooi said: Hi Is Baymax still looking to be adopted? Please ..
2018-06-19AustinMuraijtgw said: Hi.. Was just wondering if Austin has found a fami..
2018-06-194 Adorable Kittens Up For AdoptionViviLim said: Are the kittens still available? I would like to a..
2018-06-19AmeliaGeensaw said: 0164901223
2018-06-19AmeliaGeensaw said: Hi may i check is Amelia still available to adopt ..
2018-06-19Mister SnowMayabuns said: hi sallylim, unfortunately this guy is already neu..
2018-06-19Ralph daniyamagic said: Hi! You may call 0149697400. Thank you!
2018-06-19PF88748ValeriePoh said: Thank you all. Jamie is on the way to meet JJ. Hap..
2018-06-19CooperTheerenKumar said: Is this dog still available
2018-06-19Gamora TheodoraDaiki said: is she still available ? if yes, pls cntact 017812..
2018-06-19TeetoosTheodoraDaiki said: is he still available ? if yes, pls contact 017812..
2018-06-19ZeusNicholas619 said: He Will Sad :'(

Latest Member Comments

2018-06-21JackieEmmaSaAb said: HI, IF HE IS AVAILABLE PLEASE CALL ME 01128689575
2018-06-20WILLRoyalevvenk1983 said: Please feel free to call me at 0162033897. I have ..
2018-06-20eugenebienSubaMagas said: hi there, is sparky still up for adoption?
2018-06-20tommypehSubaMagas said: is he still up for adoption?
2018-06-19CgOngMkwong said: Hi can i hv ur email add pls? Thanks
2018-06-19mschelleyanjchiew82 said: WhatsApp me 019 699 8238
2018-06-19ValeriePohValeriePoh said: Thank you all. Jamie has fetched JJ.
2018-06-19ValeriePohPet72 said: Hello Valerie, I think the owner Jamie is trying t..
2018-06-19ValeriePohScoobaTank said: Hello Valerie The owner of this Schnauzer is tryi..
2018-06-17WILLRoyaleSaAb said: if available please call me 01128689575
2018-06-15Pearl15ChestherGoh said: Hi Pearl, Good day. I saw your profile that inter..
2018-06-15AinurMarlisaChestherGoh said: Hi AinurMarlisa, Good day. I saw your profile tha..
2018-06-15SayaGedChestherGoh said: Hi SayaGed, Good day. I saw your profile that int..
2018-06-15Beatrice_chongChestherGoh said: Hi Beatrice, Good day. I saw your profile that in..
2018-06-15Miyaa94ChestherGoh said: Hi Miya, Good day. I saw your profile that intere..
2018-06-15SyafiqahAmirahChestherGoh said: Hi SyafiqahAmirah, Good day. I saw your profile t..
2018-06-12WILLRoyaleAmielyWong said: Email you. Thanks
2018-06-11AgnesCheongThanarepo88 said: Can i adopt your puppy plz cl me 0138053588
2018-06-06ChrisRichardLucyPhuah12 said: Hey, can I adopt him?
2018-06-06mariekeekbean said: Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833
2018-06-06JaniceYapDesmondTing said: Yes, He is still available for adoption call me f..
2018-06-05JaniceYapDesmondTing said: Are you looking for rabbit adoption ?
2018-05-29Eileen08JayaGautham said: I would like to adopt t-rex.... Is t-rex still ava..
2018-05-26daisyengkbean said: Yes. Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833
2018-05-26Dhurgakbean said: Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833
2018-05-25Naza69SteveL said: how i contact u?
2018-05-24PrakashRavinLyss said: Hi Could you call 0173211661
2018-05-24arisha2765Lyss said: Hi Could you call 0173211661
2018-05-22DannySao1hushpuppy said: hi the sister is. pls whatsapps me at 011 1171 17..
2018-05-21LinhTranKodokKiyut said: Hi, Does Kiki Hotpot still available? I tried to ..
2018-05-17puroshChengSiangYang said: Hi Purosh, This is Myra. I am looking to adopt a..
2018-05-14Sukirthanrutmala said: you may contact me at 0133641647, rutmala
2018-05-14Mandymoorutmala said: you may contact me at 0133641647, rutmala
2018-05-13jessylimJodev said: Hi, I have a 2 year male dog 🐶 up for adoption?..
2018-05-13galvynJodev said: Hi, I have a 2 year old male dog🐕 , wondering i..
2018-05-09Miraii5315Sam90 said: Hi Good Evening is Golden Still available for Adop..
2018-04-28kennethckmAnsonWong said: Hi I’m interested to adopt your lucky... I have ..
2018-04-28AryaCipollaAnsonWong said: hi我有兴趣领养你的狗狗我也有一只母..
2018-04-26MichelleAnntiaahoneyy said: hi there if you wanna see the picture do email
2018-04-23Yuhenyinyi said: hi yuhen, teddy boy already adopted 2 week ago, fl..
2018-04-22MikaHangmanjumahen said: hi, I have interest to adopt this puppy.
2018-04-21AlvinjeromeSathisKumar said: i just saw your jelly bean......can he be my partn..
2018-04-12sooleekbean said: Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833
2018-04-11Sandra_77DomenicYeoh said: Is Muffin still available?
2018-04-10KatliauCindySimbolon1 said: Hi Katherine, any number that I can contact? I hav..
2018-04-10docterswiferutmala said: Hi, The baby rabbits still available. Do contact ..
2018-04-08Lonaajarjun said: Hi, is it still available, I have a rabbit at home..
2018-04-07Mimszainaldeenasri said: IS IT STILL AVAILABLE
2018-03-30AmySimScoobaTank said: Hi AmySim, Sophie is still available for adoption...

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