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Latest Pet Comments

2017-03-23Plutothangiah said: Hi, is Pluto still available? Thanks.
2017-03-23MandyMightyWolf said: Hi, is this puppy still available?
2017-03-23MillieMightyWolf said: Hi, is this puppy still available? Kindly reply me..
2017-03-23TeddyMightyWolf said: Hi, is this puppy still available? Kindly whatsapp..
2017-03-23ShihTzuMightyWolf said: Hi, is this puppy still available? Kindly whatsapp..
2017-03-23D282(240217) MightyWolf said: Hi, is this puppy still available? Kindly whatsapp..
2017-03-23BeanMightyWolf said: Hi, is this puppy still available? Kindly whatsapp..
2017-03-22BedahMrFarz said: Bedah ada lg x bro
2017-03-22BedahMrFarz said: Bedah ada lg x bro
2017-03-224 Kittens :3MrFarz said: Ada lg x bro?
2017-03-22BabyChiewlien said: Hi... Baby's still available
2017-03-22Mummy Moon, Luna And ArielMeenalakhs said: Hi is Luna still available?
2017-03-22BibiMeenalakhs said: Still available?
2017-03-22CutieMeenalakhs said: Hi has she been vaccinated n spayed?
2017-03-22BeanKaysKei said: Serious, kindly contact me at 012-6543818.
2017-03-22BeanThecindymei said: Whatapp me at 0183180960
2017-03-22 Mix Persian **Adrinayeim83 said: Ur cute..tp jauh
2017-03-22BeanThecindymei said: Still available?
2017-03-21PuaPuteraAhnafAnas said: it this still available
2017-03-21Yuan Yuankelvinsong2110 said: Hi, seriously willing to adopt, can drop me a msg ..
2017-03-21Shaggy BoyEileen08 said: yes available. Take note he is a medium size dog. ..
2017-03-21CodyAmieAJohnny said: Is this adorable Cody still available for adoption..
2017-03-21DotdotNurfarah said: I send you telegram already 😁 plesse check
2017-03-21Pure Breed German Shepherd Puppy7ooda2 said: She is still available
2017-03-21DachshundPiongMeiJun said: Hey, was wondering where did you adopt your dog an..
2017-03-21PF81757Shamimimaulad said: Hi do ws me 0136212084 I'm interested
2017-03-20BeanRueben said: Hi it's your dog poodle still available call or wh..
2017-03-20Shaggy BoyYukilo said: It still available
2017-03-20Shutisheilasenathirajah said: Hi. Putera Anas, Shuti has been adopted.
2017-03-20Refiyongjoo981207 said: Still available, pm me pls
2017-03-20Toy Red PoodleKaixin31 said: Still available?
2017-03-20PF81757Rueben said: Hi it's them available call or whatsapp me at 0112..
2017-03-20Angelmarie2311 said: Hi Angiee. Yes, she is. Kindly whatssap me for fur..
2017-03-20Bruno - Tibetan MastifPriscillaRobert said: hello, is bruno still available?
2017-03-20ShutiPuteraAhnafAnas said: hi.miss sheila this cat still available?
2017-03-20ShihTzuSanatnair said: Hi im interested in this cutie. Call me 0113302683..
2017-03-20ShihTzuSanatnair said: 01133026833
2017-03-20ShihTzuSanatnair said: Hi im interested in this cutie. Call me
2017-03-19ElmoZukiLai said: 0146336737
2017-03-19ElmoZukiLai said: Hi I'm interesting on it.. Can you please whatsapp..
2017-03-19♥ Snow White ♥Vee20 said: LTGSR: Yes she's still available. Please drop me a..
2017-03-19PF74035mybluedream1404 said: Is this cat still available..
2017-03-19♥ Snow White ♥LTGSR said: Is she still available she looks like our lost dog..
2017-03-19PF81757Rueben said: Hi its 5 of them are stil available I'm interested..
2017-03-19Chew & Miiruhuimaki said: Hey guys, please whatsapp me at 0183696619 if you'..
2017-03-19Athenaduttasoumya14 said: Hi...is she still available for adoption ?
2017-03-19MeeLahManekiNeko said: I love your answer to that question, SwanKwan---an..
2017-03-19Snow BallDaisy0110 said: Hi Anna, Can I please adopt your bunny? Please w..
2017-03-19MeeLahSwanKwan said: SP Super Breed.
2017-03-18Blackie- Mixed Breedyogi13 said: Hi Mr Koh,sorry just saw your mail. Blackie still ..

Latest Member Comments

2017-03-20PuiMunSengPuiMunSeng said: Which kitten u referring to ? TQ
2017-03-18shsiah18021983 said: hi,my name is david . i saw your post at pet finde..
2017-03-18tommypeh18021983 said: Hi,my name is david . i saw your post at pet finde..
2017-03-18KohZhiYuanyogi13 said: Hi Mr Koh, Blackie still available, please contact..
2017-03-18MonaCheahyogi13 said: Hi Mona, Olivia still available for adoption. Do w..
2017-03-18SHIHTZU_kalairamar said: hai frend,is still shih tzu available?ow much the ..
2017-03-17Simmyyogi13 said: Hi Simmy, Olivia is available for adoption. You ma..
2017-03-16SimmyEUGENAxj said: Hi neighbour. I am located near BK 1. This is euge..
2017-03-16PuiMunSengVenisa132 said: Hi there, are your kittens still available? I'd li..
2017-03-16HemahJohnLimChuanHan said: Dear Hemah, yes jack and lucy are both available. ..
2017-03-15zyrowongyogi13 said: Hi , my name is Angie. Titan still available for a..
2017-03-15zyrowongEUGENAxj said: Hi this is eugena here. The poodle mix is still av..
2017-03-14Samyongsarrah said: still available?
2017-03-14NatashaZulaikhaRinRJ said: Hi, are u still interested? sorry for the super la..
2017-03-13KathyLingEUGENAxj said: Yes. They are siblings. Contact me at 011 151 0062..
2017-03-10SulowSulow said: What is GUBI?
2017-03-10srireenaphanNazyusof77 said: Hi, is your kittens still available. Would love to..
2017-03-09TriciaLimtfyapyap74 said: I am yap, adopted the doggy. I loss your contact a..
2017-03-09SulowElaineChan said: If small pets, dun apply so much and dun let them ..
2017-03-09SulowElaineChan said: When you face ticks problem again with your pets, ..
2017-03-09AnnDeeLeeElaineChan said: I have send 2 email to you regarding my desire to ..
2017-03-08gainsondeckveanie said: Hi! is the sugar glider available? I am interested..
2017-03-07SheryingArnoGong said: The titi still available to adopt?
2017-03-05shannednakhoo said: Hi there. I saw your enquire bout Snow White. You ..
2017-03-02ShervanShervan said: My number is 0177217792
2017-03-01Neginostephanvd66 said: Hi Negino, 2 female puppies are still available. I..
2017-03-01johhny1GanesansingamGanesan said: Johhny is the retriever still available you may..
2017-02-28Neginoyogi13 said: Hi Negino, Bubbles and Sammi still available. Plea..
2017-02-27Steph321lytengt said: You can whatsappe me or call me 011-28576916
2017-02-27Steph321lytengt said: Yes is available
2017-02-23RenfridayEUGENAxj said: Yes, I have a pure breed dog looking for home that..
2017-02-23KenKenMkIIKeshSidhu said: STILL AVAILABLE?
2017-02-22akhmalhakimPamelaLeow said: Please call me 0102288807(Pamela) Have male Scott..
2017-02-22ruhuimakiClaraLaizaAnderson said: I REALLY NEED IT AND IM WIILLING TO PAY 300
2017-02-21ChrizKiangChrizKiang said: Hi pearl! Yes, it still available. Do whatapps my..
2017-02-21FloraShekFloraShek said: Hi, pls contact me 0169831763. TQ
2017-02-21ChrizKiangpearljade said: Hiii Chris, Is Baby available? I would like to ad..
2017-02-21FloraShektfyapyap74 said: how and where can i adopt it? do you hv whatsapp c..
2017-02-20LucasLiewtfyapyap74 said: can I adopt it?
2017-02-18christi1500MnAllif said: Is this still available?? I wish to adopt Sydney a..
2017-02-17carmencheongEileen08 said: yes call me re feefi
2017-02-17angelmageskbean said: Hi, We don't collect any adoption fee but we wil..
2017-02-17FarwaLittleHammyshop said: Hello Farwa, can u give ur whatsapp number or emai..
2017-02-15VictorUrudyogi13 said: Hi Victor, Labrador cross still available. Please ..
2017-02-14johhny1VivienChung said: Hi Johhny, may i know this golden is it still avai..
2017-02-14Chinchoy168ChanCarmen said: Hi is your Chihuahua still available for adoption?..
2017-02-14yy_liewChanCarmen said: Hi can I adopt your pug?
2017-02-13RobertctsEUGENAxj said: the labrador crossed breed is still avail. She is ..
2017-02-13HagilanHagiScoobaTank said: Hi Hagilan Are you keen in adopting Obee ?
2017-02-12Jovitrayogi13 said: Hi Jovitra, Payton has been adopted this morning, ..

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