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Latest Pet Comments

2017-02-27Takila & 14 BigBone Pups (ToiletTrained)lytengt said: HI Steph321, is available.
2017-02-27LalaShanana said: Hi, is lala still up for adoption? :)
2017-02-26Goldieca798 said: Hi..still available? Tks
2017-02-26PF80595Milly0513 said: still have?
2017-02-26Bean (Temporary Name)Milly0513 said: can send to kajang?still have?
2017-02-26Grey & Yang (IMMEDIATE PICKUP)BelleHeng said: Hi, I'm Michael and I'm interested with your guine..
2017-02-26TortoisePhoebeTing said: Hi, I am interested. Is he still available?
2017-02-26Blackyjefflimkh said: Hi.... Jow can i contact you?
2017-02-26RickELVN said: still available?
2017-02-26XiaoMitfwinff55 said: Yes XiaoMi is available :)
2017-02-26GoldieYankhei said: Hi, is the puppy still available?
2017-02-26Dalmatian/Black Lab Mix PupsYankhei said: hi, are the black one still here ?
2017-02-26Puppies Yankhei said: Are the male puppy still here?
2017-02-26Grey & Yang (IMMEDIATE PICKUP)Azrijasni said: hey Vincent. Are you still interested? I just rece..
2017-02-26Cute Chubby Male PuppyAnneWong said: Hi Bryan, Yes, still available. Are you interest..
2017-02-26Cute Chubby Male PuppyBryan886 said: Hi the dog still available?
2017-02-26PuppiesBusy said: Hi Bryan, I still have 2 male puppies
2017-02-264 KittenJessi said: Now have?It is now available to care.Can I care it..
2017-02-26Goldieclarie said: This puppy still available for adoption?
2017-02-26Cute Chubby Male Puppyclarie said: She is so adorable... But Penang is so far away :(
2017-02-26XiaoMisyanarissa said: Hi, is xiaomi still available?
2017-02-26PuppiesBryan886 said: Hi just wanna check with u the pup still available..
2017-02-25Noizytgcheong67 said: Putvri, Noizy crossed the rainbow bridge in 2013. ..
2017-02-25Elton And Fifijasontwp said: Hi Rueben, do contact me at 0123229654
2017-02-25 Mix Persians ! Comels !""mostkito said: Kannoo still available?
2017-02-25Elton And FifiRueben said: Hi it's your puppy still available your number ple..
2017-02-25FeefiBiruntha said: Stil available???? Need an urgent reply please
2017-02-25German Shepherd MixLucasLiew said: All adopted
2017-02-25Ewok (looking For Fosterer)Shathesh said: Is this a joke, are we running a boarding center h..
2017-02-25BrandyHareshBoii said: Is this dog still available for adoption? Pls advi..
2017-02-25TOBYHareshBoii said: need this puupy can get free?
2017-02-25Snow WhiteFelisha92 said: still available. please call for adoption.
2017-02-25SamFelisha92 said: hi yes still available. please call for adoption. ..
2017-02-25JanuaryAnimalLover418 said: still avaiable??
2017-02-24Peanut ButterAnnaLim said: find mini miniature pinscher
2017-02-24PF68488HubertChua said: Your ad posted in 2015, does the pet still up for ..
2017-02-24FluffyHubertChua said: Hi, I am interested. Does it still available?
2017-02-24German Shepherd MixSeanRoshan said: can I hv 1
2017-02-24Skykentd said: this dog still available?
2017-02-24Vivijojology said: Hi, yup still available
2017-02-24Hennaswan said: Henna is extremely docile and good with kids. She ..
2017-02-24BunnyJulianaLee said: Is it still available?
2017-02-24BarfiJulianaLee said: is she still available?
2017-02-24Gingerlensebastian said: She is for adoption
2017-02-24Roborovski HamsterLittleHammyshop said: Still available?
2017-02-24ViviJenniferNSiongSiong said: I want adopt. Still available?
2017-02-23Cherry GirlEUGENAxj said: Yes, I have a pure breed dog that fits your requir..
2017-02-23CoffeeLowKokSin said: u can call me...0126252522 she so cute
2017-02-23Hennadmariehammond said: Is she good with kids or cats?
2017-02-23Ewok (looking For Fosterer)Mahmood said: What?9 years old is old already ,how you looking f..

Latest Member Comments

2017-02-27Steph321lytengt said: You can whatsappe me or call me 011-28576916
2017-02-27Steph321lytengt said: Yes is available
2017-02-23RenfridayEUGENAxj said: Yes, I have a pure breed dog looking for home that..
2017-02-23KenKenMkIIKeshSidhu said: STILL AVAILABLE?
2017-02-22akhmalhakimPamelaLeow said: Please call me 0102288807(Pamela) Have male Scott..
2017-02-22ruhuimakiClaraLaizaAnderson said: I REALLY NEED IT AND IM WIILLING TO PAY 300
2017-02-21ChrizKiangChrizKiang said: Hi pearl! Yes, it still available. Do whatapps my..
2017-02-21FloraShekFloraShek said: Hi, pls contact me 0169831763. TQ
2017-02-21ChrizKiangpearljade said: Hiii Chris, Is Baby available? I would like to ad..
2017-02-21FloraShektfyapyap74 said: how and where can i adopt it? do you hv whatsapp c..
2017-02-20LucasLiewtfyapyap74 said: can I adopt it?
2017-02-18christi1500MnAllif said: Is this still available?? I wish to adopt Sydney a..
2017-02-17carmencheongEileen08 said: yes call me re feefi
2017-02-17angelmageskbean said: Hi, We don't collect any adoption fee but we wil..
2017-02-17FarwaLittleHammyshop said: Hello Farwa, can u give ur whatsapp number or emai..
2017-02-15VictorUrudyogi13 said: Hi Victor, Labrador cross still available. Please ..
2017-02-14johhny1VivienChung said: Hi Johhny, may i know this golden is it still avai..
2017-02-14Chinchoy168ChanCarmen said: Hi is your Chihuahua still available for adoption?..
2017-02-14yy_liewChanCarmen said: Hi can I adopt your pug?
2017-02-13RobertctsEUGENAxj said: the labrador crossed breed is still avail. She is ..
2017-02-13HagilanHagiScoobaTank said: Hi Hagilan Are you keen in adopting Obee ?
2017-02-12Jovitrayogi13 said: Hi Jovitra, Payton has been adopted this morning, ..
2017-02-12SinthuChandranyogi13 said: Hi Sinthu Chandran,puppy still available. Please c..
2017-02-09chooiguan2000JudyLovepet said: Hi Choo i hv reply in my profile The white pupies..
2017-02-09RobertctsEUGENAxj said: Hi Robert, this is eugena here. The labrador Cross..
2017-02-08lennzCitycat1234 said: The black white kitten is male and has been traine..
2017-02-08ShermaineChong1Citycat1234 said: I am not sure because they are still too young and..
2017-02-04JeyakumariPerumalEUGENAxj said: Only left his sister 011 151 00622
2017-02-03WanNasreenSyazamandaogarion said: Yes, olan still available. Email me if u're intere..
2017-02-03mandaogarionShanazFahmi said: Hye, is oli still avail?
2017-02-02FongheeMugilanJeyaramu said: still available?
2017-02-01ydabesh27mandaogarion said: Piko is currently reserved. But Olan is available ..
2017-02-01MichelleRamGanga said: Please update me your contact number to confirm th..
2017-01-31mandaogarionJamilIsmail said: would like to know about adopting these 2 cats, th..
2017-01-28KittyKatManiacKittyKatManiac said: Attention everyone! LittleHammyshop and I have bec..
2017-01-28LittleHammyshopLittleHammyshop said: Attention, guys! From now on, I will not give free..
2017-01-28VigneshEUGENAxj said: Yes. Available. Contact / sms 011 151 00622
2017-01-28VigneshJudyLovepet said: Hi Vig I hv reply you under my profile Thx
2017-01-27LittleHammyshopLittleHammyshop said: Attention everyone! KittyKatManiac and I have beco..
2017-01-27LittleHammyshopLittleHammyshop said: Hello Kitty
2017-01-27LittleHammyshopLittleHammyshop said: gonna walk mah dog be right back
2017-01-27LittleHammyshopLittleHammyshop said: Yo
2017-01-27KittyKatManiacLittleHammyshop said: hello
2017-01-27LittleHammyshopKittyKatManiac said: Yo what's up
2017-01-27KittyKatManiacLittleHammyshop said: Hello Kitty
2017-01-26simran_madnesslytengt said: sorry for late to repy.. Yes is available.
2017-01-26feivivianlorenzo said: if u interested kindly drop her an email: footstep..
2017-01-26feivivianlorenzo said: Dear vivian, I saw ur comment that your kids love..
2017-01-26RinRJJamilIsmail said: hello, is mama still up for adoption
2017-01-25Alvin_SeeJamilIsmail said: how may i contact u

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