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Latest Pet Comments

2017-06-27Denyuchan said: she is beautiful!!
2017-06-26Pls Help annesunita said: i came across your article. i hope you have found ..
2017-06-26Peanut ButterKimRitchie said: Hi I'm Kim I would love to adopt the tortoises let..
2017-06-26TortoisesKimRitchie said: Omg so cute hi I'm Kim by the way I would love to ..
2017-06-26Bubble N MikeyKimRitchie said: Omg so cute I would love to have them is it still ..
2017-06-26AdamKimRitchie said: Hey is it still aviable
2017-06-26KimKimRitchie said: Is it still abatible for adoption
2017-06-26Scampannesunita said: Could you please trim the nails? dogs and cats wil..
2017-06-26TusiaKaro said: Yes she is. I also have her siblings for adoption ..
2017-06-25Snow WhiteEza_chibi said: Is he still available?
2017-06-25TwilightEza_chibi said: Is she still available to adopt? I want her...plea..
2017-06-25SchnurriKelvinLim1 said: Hi do you still have this car we would love to ado..
2017-06-25Malamutes Vin3722 said: Hye brother..im kind interested on these dogs...pl..
2017-06-25TiaraKwengMak said: can I adopt your pom currently I have one too,tq ..
2017-06-25PeteKhairilNadia said: hi is the pet still available?i want to adopt ;)
2017-06-25FendiNimapower said: Hi. Yes he is still available for free adoption. T..
2017-06-25Sami (long Hair Daushund)Zoieteng1990 said: Hi, I'm zoie. Do ur lovely Sami still available?? ..
2017-06-25PatrickZoieteng1990 said: Hi. Ur lovely husky still available???
2017-06-25Snowbellalpamika said: I am a medical student and very interested to adop..
2017-06-25Gabriel-Spitz+Pomeranian Crossedyogi13 said: Hi, this dog still available for adoption. Its wei..
2017-06-25CC- (spayed) Mixed Breedyogi13 said: Hi, this dog still available for adoption. Its wei..
2017-06-25FendiAikjin said: Hello. Is fendi still available?
2017-06-25Momo ZhazhaAikjin said: Hello. Are both cats still available?
2017-06-252 Pups ( 2 Siblings - Female )lytengt said: Available two siblings is female. Please Whatsapp ..
2017-06-25ToffeeAikjin said: Hi is toffee still available? Thanks
2017-06-25TwilightAikjin said: Hi twilight still available?regards. Halim
2017-06-256 Week Kitten (Free Vaccine & Neutering)CharmaineSwift13 said: Im interested in adopting her :) call or sms or wh..
2017-06-24Tusiacookiesramirez said: Hi this pet still available?
2017-06-24BabyAminathAbdulHameed said: Is it still up for adoption? Pls contact 017282608..
2017-06-24MulanAminathAbdulHameed said: Contact at [email protected]
2017-06-24MulanAminathAbdulHameed said: Hi. Is this cat still up for adoption? I'm interes..
2017-06-24Momo Zhazhawenyan said: Yes. They are available. Please whatsapp 011123810..
2017-06-24Chanel (Home Trained)EUGENAxj said: My number 011 151 00622
2017-06-24Small Breed (Indoor)EUGENAxj said: Pls text me 011 151 00622 Medium not fat
2017-06-24Momo Zhazhanottnott said: Hi,are they still available?
2017-06-24SydneyOuigon said: what is the weight of this dog???
2017-06-24Prince (Yenscourt Band Brothers)YangYang said: A lot of heartless people around.
2017-06-24RandyYangYang said: Yes , agree with kelvin. So heartless !
2017-06-24SundaeYangYang said: Is Sundae still available for adoption ?
2017-06-24Jackkbean said: Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833
2017-06-24Chanel (Home Trained)Ouigon said: Hi
2017-06-24Chanel (Home Trained)Ouigon said: Je
2017-06-24Chanel (Home Trained)Ouigon said: Hello
2017-06-24Small Breed (Indoor)Ouigon said: Also is it fat
2017-06-24CC- (spayed) Mixed BreedOuigon said: Is this dog avaiable and what its weight
2017-06-24Gabriel-Spitz+Pomeranian CrossedOuigon said: What is this dogs weight
2017-06-24Snowymuhdmalaysiamal said: Hye, are your rabbit are still available?
2017-06-24Small Breed (Indoor)Ouigon said: And is it available
2017-06-24Small Breed (Indoor)Ouigon said: Is it home trained
2017-06-24Border Collie Mix (Long Fur)EUGENAxj said: 15kg

Latest Member Comments

2017-06-25Ouigonyogi13 said: Hi this dog still available for adoption. Do conta..
2017-06-25EleanorElizalytengt said: Hi Sorry, I missed out your message, you can conta..
2017-06-16thunderdogMakareena said: Hi, is Little White still available for adoption?
2017-06-14HueiLiPhehPetrinaWeiFongLiew said: Hello Li Pheh is Minnie still available?
2017-06-13MamuBaganMamuBagan said: Interested having dog as pet n care for animals
2017-06-13MamuBaganMamuBagan said: I,m interested in pets
2017-06-13alexxxRyanTano said: Hi i am interested to adopt you may whatsapp me on..
2017-06-12sharunishaPreciousLives said: Hi, you inquired about the "found" Male ..
2017-06-12GingerEggWongEldorisYau said: hi i wish to know more about this dog.tq
2017-06-10kinakamarudinLydiaN said: please update
2017-06-07KennethChewVichuLanz said: hi i want to adobe this puppy...if still available..
2017-06-06kinakamarudinyadabhishek_1 said: any update pls?
2017-06-05PoonamdeepKKheraBernicePor said: May I get your number to whatsapp you?I can't find..
2017-06-05kinakamarudinCutail said: HI, the kitten still available?
2017-06-05AmbigaiGnanamoorthymariatells said: Hi Ambigai, you messaged me about Choco on Friday,..
2017-06-04awinwiwienjunshue said: Hello, yes, Lay is still available.
2017-06-02rajivnigamKayatriSelvaraj said: Available? (KOKO)
2017-06-02WantanWonderlandsaraoonah said: hello is the cat still available?
2017-05-31pokyojamesyogi13 said: Hi, Olive still available for adoption. do contact..
2017-05-29CyrenAsteraceyaCyrenAsteraceya said: Hi Robert, Yoshi and Elmo are our personal pets an..
2017-05-29zaiey88Yizzyyeap said: hi there, dada is still available to be adopt. =D
2017-05-29izzaismailYizzyyeap said: Hi there, i stay at SS2 Petaling Jaya, we can meet..
2017-05-28CyrenAsteraceyasimplyenglish said: Hello: Is Yoshi still for sale? Thanks
2017-05-24SNachNEEKA1706 said: Hi , I would like to adopt Caesar, how do I go abo..
2017-05-22aida_kimiCarrieHii said: hi dear ,can you contact me 0149158960 because you..
2017-05-20KennethChewmeiling_lml said: hi are u giving him up for adoption
2017-05-19WeiNeeyogi13 said: Hi Christabelle, puppy still available for adoptio..
2017-05-19vmelawatiEUGENAxj said: Yes blueboy us available for adoption. My number 0..
2017-05-18PAWSPJVolunteerramk said: hello
2017-05-18mharithplslovecats said: mharith yes. SWeetie still available. pls visit s..
2017-05-17KaMaL1985PamitaJayawardena said: Hi, Yes, the puppy is still available for adoptio..
2017-05-17lingtslzumega said: hai Miss Ling...saya aida dari KL.saya berminat na..
2017-05-16silentgreenarrowSeanlamwm said: do u want the 3 puppies? please come asap.
2017-05-16ArvinRajEUGENAxj said: Blue Boy is still available for adoption. Eugena 0..
2017-05-15MescotAsiapreetibruno63 said: Hi!i hv 2puppies for adoption,r u keen?pls contact..
2017-05-15kbeanramk said: hello where
2017-05-15AnissMarlBokhari said: is the cat still available?
2017-05-11haizhaiz123KevinPrasadJesudass said: is this dog still available for adoption?
2017-05-08lovechrisRenRj said: Hye is the puppy still available ? My contact no 0..
2017-05-08SamyongRenRj said: Hye , is poodle still available ? I would like to ..
2017-05-06Thiviashiniairyean said: hi I'm yean´╝îplease call me 0127879737. i'm inter..
2017-05-06jokersisinEthanRaj said: Cute pets
2017-05-05LimHuiLingyogi13 said: Hi Lim Hui Ling, Olivia still available for adopti..
2017-05-04PhoenixMasakoPhoenixMasako said: hi, sorry for late reply yes! the product still av..
2017-05-03Wolfer1443lytengt said: Hi Yes, Is available . Please Whatsapp. Thanks
2017-05-02LittleBoykbean said: Available. Call Rachel 012-6933833
2017-05-02ozmaaBenc said: Is Leo still available for adoption, Ozmaa?
2017-05-02LittleBoyswan said: Avaliable. .call me on the on stated
2017-05-01RamanyaRameshRaosharveenasri said: hi im 15theen years old n im interested wit lots o..
2017-04-30LanishaAnusri28EUGENAxj said: Hi. This is eugena here. Yes Chanel is available ..

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