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Latest Pet Comments

2017-08-16Miniature Pinscher Crossed Breedshobapheghan said: I'm interested at your puppy.... I need great comp..
2017-08-16HunterWtd4887 said: Hi Philip, Is Hunter still available? I located a..
2017-08-16The 3 GreysAzuriD said: Still available?
2017-08-16Tomoe, Yoongi, Seokjinalicea said: only 3 available
2017-08-16Yukialicea said: still available
2017-08-15Tillyaimiadelina said: hi is this cat still available for adoption ?
2017-08-15Bear Bearmaszahida said: hi! is bear bear still available for adoption?
2017-08-15Cute Puppies For Adoption At Johor BahruYuheng96 said: 请问在哪里面交?whally被领养了吗
2017-08-15Poong Poongykchang said: hi,is poong poong still available for adoption?
2017-08-15Male Puppy (Glowee)KingHooi said: where r u staying? r u keen to have it? can u conn..
2017-08-14BUNNYtarenklp said: I am interested
2017-08-14The 3 GreysAleesya said: Hi..still available for adoption?
2017-08-14Alonzokbean said: Pls contact Rachel 012-6933833 or can we hv yr con..
2017-08-14Male Puppy (Glowee)WKNG said: hi, is glowee still available?
2017-08-14KellyWeeneeAng said: hi there, is she still available for adoption?
2017-08-14The 3 GreysTonykit said: Hi is the kittens adoption still available?
2017-08-13Red And Tan Doberman Malaysia ChampionAlicesim2903 said: Hi, Doberman puppy still available ?
2017-08-13Spyro Aka Babykhewsw19 said: still available for adopt??
2017-08-13HASHBROWNJoshWong said: Understood :) thanks vee20. Will make the necessar..
2017-08-13MeowlyAkza said: If Meowly is still available pls call or text me @..
2017-08-13MeowlyIlovecatsomuch said: Hi, is meowly still available?
2017-08-13Alonzomeiyen said: Alonzo most updated picture now?
2017-08-13Mini Cino & Pupsjohnchan said: Hi Renfriday, yes I tried looking for them on Sat ..
2017-08-13HASHBROWNVee20 said: Perhaps best to neuter before adoption? Given that..
2017-08-13KkoriMonic said: Can i adopted the cat?I am study here for limkok..
2017-08-13MaxFerrisMah said: Hi Miss Yap, Max is a big breed, he available for ..
2017-08-12MimiKyliefisher said: Hi. Mimi is beautiful. Is she still available for ..
2017-08-12Nanacwcheng said: I do received a few inquiries for Nana but yes he ..
2017-08-12Puffin And Penguin Serenity9297 said: Hi ribrahim~ the fee for both is 400 so penguin 20..
2017-08-12Puffin And Penguin Serenity9297 said: Hi ribrahim~ the fee for both is 400 so penguin 20..
2017-08-12Puffin And Penguin Serenity9297 said: Hi ribrahim~ the fee for both is 400 so penguin 20..
2017-08-12Puffin And Penguin Serenity9297 said: Hi ribrahim~ the fee for both is 400 so penguin 20..
2017-08-12Puffin And Penguin Serenity9297 said: Hi ribrahim~ the fee for both is 400 so penguin 20..
2017-08-12Bat Boy And Tiggertheresiamagdalena said: I want to adopt. Still can?
2017-08-12PF78548Vikiboy29 said: Is it still available??
2017-08-11Kitty 21mfabnfa said: is it still for adoption??
2017-08-11Nanamfabnfa said: is it still for adoption??
2017-08-11Moktheresiamagdalena said: Can I adopt him? Pls
2017-08-11Kyotheresiamagdalena said: Still available?
2017-08-11Torotheresiamagdalena said: Still available?
2017-08-11Snow Whitetheresiamagdalena said: Still available?
2017-08-11Nazartheresiamagdalena said: Still available?
2017-08-11Kiki & Lala annonymous_lly said: Still available ?
2017-08-11No Nameannonymous_lly said: I'm interested
2017-08-11No Nameannonymous_lly said: Still available ?
2017-08-11The Ginger Sistersgwwmin said: Hello! I am sorry I missed your message earlier. Y..
2017-08-11Mini Cino & PupsRenfriday said: Hi John.just to let you know i went to the park th..
2017-08-11Adorable Shih Tzu Mix Poodle PuppiesPayman75 said: Please contact me for more details
2017-08-11VeeraRamKrishnanSasthry said: Still available
2017-08-11MaxRamKrishnanSasthry said: Pm pls

Latest Member Comments

2017-08-10Mika21JudyLovepet said: Hi you are asking about ginger she is available ..
2017-08-08Elaine12MONO120 said: For shih tzu poodle mix , can you whatsapp me to ..
2017-08-05AnnaRuzmatovaCVJiaJunLook said: Hi, is the rabbit still available?
2017-08-04kadiaqkay_ann said: Assalamualaikum, Is Buntang still available for a..
2017-08-04kailinkongMONO120 said: Yes, poodle is still available for adoption. 011 ..
2017-08-03MimimayPaulineYapLyeFong said: Hi May, Was wondering if Mimi is still available ..
2017-08-02Prosanitymichellechanpj said: You asked about Daring Ronda? I am sorry but she h..
2017-08-01ningwQuennie said: HI.Ben Ben is adopted already,thanks for ur asking..
2017-07-30RogerLeeClyogi13 said: Hi Roger Lee, puppy still available for adoption. ..
2017-07-30Kenny413MONO120 said: Looks like you have just too many dogs now. With o..
2017-07-29KaroHaidar said: still available? can i have your contact number?
2017-07-27ZyaaDhiaSyarafanaHisham said: Ada lagi ke kucing ni?klu ade,saya nak....
2017-07-26TheresaNanLeolee0228 said: Yes boy still available Contact me thru WhatsApp ..
2017-07-26OuigonLeolee0228 said: Yes available contact me at 0165462770 with WhatsA..
2017-07-26yumiyipLeolee0228 said: Hi please WhatsApp me regarding Boy
2017-07-21ZainaPengJ said: Hi Zaina, Trixie is available for adoption if you..
2017-07-21AlexanderAngiePengJ said: Hi Angie, Trixie is available for adoption if you ..
2017-07-21sherenePengJ said: Hi Sherene, Trixie is available for adoption if yo..
2017-07-21clifftan12PengJ said: Hi Cliff, Trixie is available for adoption if you ..
2017-07-21mirabasuandiPengJ said: Hi Amirah, Trixie is available for adoption if you..
2017-07-21SyafiqsaninPengJ said: Hi Syafiq, Trixie is available for adoption if you..
2017-07-21lizascherzingerPengJ said: Hi Lisa, Trixie is available for adoption if you w..
2017-07-21EinaAzmanPengJ said: Hi Azreena, Trixie is available for adoption if yo..
2017-07-21AdzlinAmelynAdnanPengJ said: Hi Adzlin, Trixie is available for adoption if you..
2017-07-21AlohachickenPengJ said: Trixie is available for adoption if you would like..
2017-07-21AynaAyobPengJ said: Trixie is available for adoption if you would like..
2017-07-21JiaHaoziPengJ said: Sorry about your cat. Trixie is available for adop..
2017-07-21dillahashIYMHo said: Hi Dillahash, the little kitten is still up for ad..
2017-07-20VahidSAMarcusmah22 said: I have puppies to let go for free, call me or text..
2017-07-18sharunishaashlan said: Hi Angel has been adopted by a lovely girl recentl..
2017-07-17Eza_chibigabrielle said: Hi Eza, I saw your comment on my profile. We have ..
2017-07-16sarasairahKawanz said: Dear Sarasairah, I received your message on my pe..
2017-07-16sufy12Winniewen said: Hi You beagle dog still available?
2017-07-15KirankgillAlastairLim said: Hi did you lose your dog?
2017-07-13PourPearljohnchan said: Hi Pearl, yes, they are still available. Actually ..
2017-07-13johnchanPourPearl said: hi , i hv interest the dog... can pm me?
2017-07-11meena25meena25 said: Hello. Which cat do you mean? I have put 2 up for ..
2017-07-10BenjaminLimkong said: For poodle adoption, pls text me at 011 151 00622..
2017-07-10meena25MaverickTan said: Have the cat being adopted? I'm want to bring him ..
2017-07-09Michelle26KimRitchie said: Hey Michelle I would love to adopt the 2 little to..
2017-07-08sharenetshsharvendran said: your number ?
2017-07-05Quraini785sheilasenathirajah said: Hi Azy. I saw your profile and was wondering if yo..
2017-07-05fizabhrnsheilasenathirajah said: Hi Fiza. I saw your profile and was wondering if y..
2017-07-05shahrizan6598sheilasenathirajah said: Hi Sharizan. I saw your post and was wondering if ..
2017-07-05Aikjinsheilasenathirajah said: Hi Halim. I saw your post and was wondering if you..
2017-07-05JayajothiPonnusamysheilasenathirajah said: Hi Jayajothi. I saw your post and was wondering if..
2017-07-04ilyy812hafizal said: interested.. pls whatapps me 0139745758
2017-07-03EllynaAlisheilasenathirajah said: Hi..i read your post and interest in adopting pets..
2017-07-02RinariduanRyanTano said: hi I am very interested to have them. You may cont..
2017-06-30shahrizan6598AnushiaGopinath said: hi i am sorry that kitten is adopted. i have anot..

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