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Latest Pet Comments

2017-12-13LunaMazIna said: If Luna is still available, please contact me
2017-12-13TeddyKahWaiWong said: is it still available?
2017-12-13PF85483ijaas said: Hi, Yes the kittens are still available for adopti..
2017-12-13Peppitoadavies73 said: yes
2017-12-13Baby Need A New Home UrgentlyBrunoThor said: Sorry but she has been adopted.
2017-12-13LunaKin1990 said: Hi if Luna is still up for adoption, please contac..
2017-12-13Luna622249 said: Hi..Still available for adoption? Thank you
2017-12-13KittensRauhaRauf said: can adopt 1?
2017-12-12PeppitoGwyn117 said: Still available?
2017-12-12Baby Need A New Home UrgentlyAngelhee said: Is she still available? I just leave at sg long I ..
2017-12-12GypsyStephytan said: Is she still available?
2017-12-12PF85483Aghan said: Hi! Have your kittens been adopted yet?
2017-12-12MiumiuNatasharidhwan said: Thanks
2017-12-12MiumiuNatasharidhwan said: Hi not yet. Currently they are still up for adopti..
2017-12-12SnoopyPengJ said: thanks Kelly but i rescued 20 animals this year so..
2017-12-12SnoopyKellytqlKelly said: Y dun want the dog ,u had a wonderful place to kee..
2017-12-11SparkleUnwingeddd said: Not free adoption. Price stated are for the medica..
2017-12-11SparkleUnwingeddd said: Still available
2017-12-11GypsyMollyShah said: I can’t find you’re number Mdm. 0143261106 thi..
2017-12-11GypsyMadame said: Sure MollyShah, I have posted my number on your pr..
2017-12-11CookieMollyShah said: Hello
2017-12-11GypsyMollyShah said: Madam can I gt your contact number for the adoptio..
2017-12-11GypsyMollyShah said: Can I adopt her ?
2017-12-11GypsyMadame said: Yes MollyShah, she is still available
2017-12-11CookieMollyShah said: Hi is the puppy still available for adoption?
2017-12-11GypsyMollyShah said: Hi Is she still available for adoption?
2017-12-113 Puppies For AdoptionMikeCheungChanYap1 said: The dog still available to adopt?
2017-12-11LunaKatanna said: Hi, is Luna still up for adoption? Am interested. ..
2017-12-11Blossom-German Shepherd+Retriever Crossyogi13 said: Hi Limkb, still available, do contact me,tq!
2017-12-111 + 5 KiddoseRyka said: Hi can adopt them pls tq
2017-12-11GypsyMadame said: Yes she is still available
2017-12-11Love Bird Pair, Green & YelloweRyka said: Hi may I know still available to adopt ur birds tq..
2017-12-11LunaeRyka said: Hi may if the cat still there to u navailable I wa..
2017-12-11MiumiuNorazli said: Hi.have your pets been adopted?
2017-12-11Cody & Tobylovenigelleus said: hi.the dogs adopt oredi?
2017-12-11KittyIkaZulaika said: Still up 4 adopt?
2017-12-11Gypsymano24vki15 said: is se still available
2017-12-10MuffineRyka said: It’s coffee still available ty
2017-12-10Xiao ChouMikeCheungChanYap1 said: still have?
2017-12-10ABBADomenicYeoh said: is the black cat are still available?
2017-12-10PF83904PatrickJude said: Hey..Is he still available ? IF yes i'm ready to t..
2017-12-10Charlie AngelzAnimalLover517 said: can not contact the number
2017-12-106 MinionsRainBowIrIs1 said: Hi dear. I text you
2017-12-10SparkleeRyka said: If still available can I adopt her ?tq
2017-12-10SparkleeRyka said: Free adoption or no? Tq
2017-12-10Blossom-German Shepherd+Retriever Crosslimkb9058 said: Is she still available for adoption
2017-12-10Cody & Tobylimsiewlee said: Hi can I have Cody & Toby as my family members..
2017-12-10Quality Male Beagle Puppiesjunnie87 said: Yes
2017-12-10Quality Male Beagle Puppiesjunnie87 said: Yes
2017-12-10Bella & 7 Siblingserinjasminelee said: Yes,pls watsapp me +60123992304 GangaDevi

Latest Member Comments

2017-12-12FongYeeHanBahNi said: hi can i have your contact number? i got a dog su..
2017-12-11MollyShahMadame said: Sure, you can Whatsapp me on this number: +6012292..
2017-12-11MollyShahMadame said: Yes, Gypsy is still available for adoption
2017-12-11MollyShahMadame said: Yes she is still available
2017-12-11mano24vki15Madame said: Yes, Gypsy is still available
2017-12-07H6324jerblmichellechanpj said: Hi, thanks for your interest in Cosmo, but we have..
2017-12-06michellechanpjamynabi said: Thank you for replying back. Pls do get back if it..
2017-12-05yusraniayusrania said: She has be adopt by someone love her so much. Than..
2017-12-05amynabimichellechanpj said: Hi, so sorry for the late reply. We have yet to co..
2017-12-05LeidyCheguHoneyAnisa said: Is it still available....I really live cat.... Thi..
2017-12-01FranktheoBeramandreay said: The dogs are still available. Kindly contact me vi..
2017-12-01Blade25yogi13 said: Hi ,Puppy Kevin still available Please contact me ..
2017-11-29ChowyuetKanagarajah said: Is the puppy for adoption
2017-11-27Nat12shyanlaj said: hi Nat Nat. sorry i do not have any Female pup for..
2017-11-24Lailyfzuzarmiza said: saya nak nova...
2017-11-23zoey9966erinjasminelee said: To zoey9966 I m sorry that u hve bad experiences ..
2017-11-15DyNurnainiDyNurnaini said: Hi! Yes pls! i'll love to adopt orange Lemme k..
2017-11-14DyNurnainiSarahSabrina said: Hi, Ginger has just been adopted. Would you be int..
2017-11-13zoey9966zoey9966 said: I adopt with the intention to adopt. I see the poi..
2017-11-12TharshneeMohanLadyBosserinjasminelee said: Hi, Puppies are available. My contact no.012399230..
2017-11-10zoey9966erinjasminelee said: To zoey9966 i think i hve explained to you via w..
2017-11-08PeterMoiyogi13 said: Hi Peter, puppy still available, do contact me at ..
2017-11-08VanaShawnHooi said: sorry for disturb may i know this cute chi wa wa s..
2017-11-07ericlau21CheguHoneyAnisa said: Hi Eric...is it still available..this is my no 013..
2017-11-06aleeyasophiaCheguHoneyAnisa said: Still available??? Sy serious nak guinea pig Ni.....
2017-11-06najwaalbaityHaniff said: Love alone is not sufficient. I need to know the p..
2017-11-06iliamira92Haniff said: You still interested for Buttercup? Blossom alread..
2017-11-06SaiPriyaerinjasminelee said: Hi, yes..u can watsapp me 0123992304. Thx
2017-11-04kellywan1232StevenYong1 said: hello. chow chow still have ?
2017-11-04LiloNgStevenYong1 said: still have ? phone number : 01121110891
2017-11-03EstherLeongStevenYong1 said: halo. my name is steven . this dog is still have ?..
2017-11-01erinjasmineleepriaadeepkaur said: plz give the dongs for free.if it is free i would ..
2017-10-28FahidAngelynHo said: Hi only interested to adopt one female. Can call u..
2017-10-28juju6690JudyLovepet said: I have reply you at my page Thx Ju pls check
2017-10-27Claudialohsushi229 said: Hi! Claudia, I am interested in "BUBBLE"..
2017-10-27Claudialohsushi229 said: Is Bubble still available for adoption?. If YES, p..
2017-10-24Alina12IzwanSyah said: asalamualaikum masih ada lagi ka suga rglider tu? ..
2017-10-24ElzaMelletIzwanSyah said: sugar glider?
2017-10-24ElzaMelletIzwanSyah said: masih ada lagi ka?
2017-10-24sixsickIzwanSyah said: ada lgi ke kalau ada pls contact 01125685406 my na..
2017-10-24natalie_042001shyanlaj said: hi Natalie, this is Mel, u have asked how old is..
2017-10-23fadzarifrutmala said: Hi, The black and black&white colour rabbits ..
2017-10-21MikuBerganioXiaownzi said: Is BitBit still offer for adoption?
2017-10-20LailyfNorAidaZulkepli said: NAK
2017-10-19carolchan73sandyyeap said: Hi, i am asking about Amber. Is it still available..
2017-10-18woodzlampyogi13 said: Hi , sorry for late reply Halloway still available..
2017-10-15KateNg1kelx said: Hi Kate. I met up with Eileen today and saw the Ro..
2017-10-13KateNg1kelx said: Hi Kate. Just saw your comment. Not sure if you ha..
2017-10-10KarenyongDaisyChan said: Hi Karen, yes Michelle is still up for re-homing. ..
2017-10-05mal762966mayooseries said: Hi, are you interested to adopt a Maltese? I have ..

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