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Joined: 2015-04-29

Name:Second Chance Animal Shelter
Location:Hulu Langat, Selangor, Malaysia

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About Myself

Our animal shelter is located in Hulu Langat, Selangor. We have more than 400 dogs now as of April 2015.

Second Chance (formerly known as Paws Mission) has a no-kill policy and aims to reduce the stray animal population and improve animal welfare in Malaysia through the following objectives:
· Rehome stray and abandoned puppies and dogs;
· Vaccinate and neuter them;
· Educate pet owners / adopters on caring for and neutering their pets; and
· Raise awareness and advocate for animal welfare among the public at large.

Our Story

Second Chance was set up in 2009 by a small group of animal lovers who came together after reading about one lady’s appeal for help in caring for a litter of abandoned puppies, fondly dubbed the “12 soldiers”. At the time, the lady, known as Aunty Kiew, was already feeding a dozen stray dogs and more than 40 cats in the Old Klang Road area.

The group started out by feeding the stray dogs which roamed outside the Chap Fook Tong Temple, located at 3 ½ mile off Old Klang Road. The temple caretakers then offered the use of the land behind the temple to build a shelter for the dogs and helped to build the shelter at minimal costs, giving Paws Mission a base to shelter rescued dogs.

The fully volunteer-run shelter has since been extended several times and now encompasses multiple main kennels and several smaller enclosures and uncovered fenced areas. Upkeep of the shelter is funded primarily by donations from the public and volunteers. As such, our main concerns are space and financial constraints.

However, there is bigger underlying problem – overpopulation of strays in Malaysia. The battle of overpopulation dogs and cats is a continuous fight. We do not only aim to help get strays off the streets but we also hope to raise awareness of this plight among the public and promote the solution of spaying and neutering all stray animals to curb this problem.

We value your contributions, whether in terms of cash donations, goods-in-kind, or volunteering your time.

Location Map

Address: Jalan Hulu Langat, Pekan Batu 14 Hulu Langat, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia

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Paris, 1 Yr
For Adoption
Parker, 1 Yr
For Adoption
Pretty, 1 Yr
For Adoption
Puppy, 1 Yr
For Adoption
Good Luck, 1 Yr
For Adoption
Good Day, 1 Yr
For Adoption
Good Month, 1 Yr
For Adoption
Good Year, 1 Yr
For Adoption
ZiZi, 1 Yr
For Adoption
Zhu Zhu, 1 Yr
For Adoption
Sugar, 3 Yrs
For Adoption
Ringmo, 7 Yrs
For Adoption
Ducky, 7 Yrs
For Adoption
Fenny , 7 Yrs
For Adoption
Joey, 7 Yrs
For Adoption
Sasa, 7 Yrs
For Adoption
Ngah Ngah, 8 Yrs
For Adoption
Baby, 1 Yr
Kimi, 1 Yr

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