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Found in Kajang
Goldie, 1 Yr

Found in Subang Jaya
Mixed Breed, 2 Yrs

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Pet Profile
Save Me Or I'll Die #8 - Mixed Breed Dog
Save Me Or I'll Die #8
Posted: 2010-03-02

Verified Rescuer:

Breed:Mixed Breed
Gender:Mixed Gender
Age:5 Years 11 Months
Color:Black, Brown, Cream
Size at Maturity:Medium
Fur Length:Medium
Vaccinated:Not Sure
Dewormed:Not Sure
Spayed/Neutered:Not Sure
Health Condition:Healthy
Amount:10 Pets
Location:Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur
Adoption Fee:Free
About The Pet


I don't want to die,and I will love you immensely for saving me.


Please call 012-2070436

Adoption Procedure:

This dog has been caught by Majlis Perbandaran Klang, and if nobody comes forward to adopt it, it will be euthanized within a few days. Even owned dogs are also often caught, and the owners are not aware for it.

Those wishing to adopt this pet from Klang Dog Pound, please follow the procedures below:

1. See Aina at
2nd Floor, Jabatan Kesihatan
Majlis Perbandaran Klang
Jalan Perbandaran Klang
41675 Klang.

Google Map:

2. Secure a Borang Permohonan Tuntutan Anjing, Selepas Tempoh 7 hari. Complete it & ensure it is endorsed by the relevant officier & stamped with relevant chop.

3. Provides a photostated copy of your Identification Card or Passport with each application *
* policies & requirements stiffen day by day
* Advisable to provide a copy of IC/Passport per application (Just in case)
* Secure extra application if there is any inkling of additional adoption.
* Don't expect any leniency (Even we committee members, slaves & beggars don't have any unless OK by big guy)

4. Drive to
Pusat Kurungan Haiwan
Lebuh Sultan Muhammad
Kawasan Perindustrian
Bandar Sultan Sulaiman
Pelabuhan Klang
Tel : 03 3375 5555

5. Please be compassionate. Put yourself in their shoes: locked inside knowing its over. THEY DO KNOW.

6. I have seen them wasted much close to D days. Don't tell me they didn't undergo heightened enxiety & despair in anticipation of the end. What's worse their owners never came for them.

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Save Me Or I'll Die #8 - Mixed Breed Dog

Save Me Or I'll Die #8 - Mixed Breed Dog

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8 Comments [ View All ]

Posted on 2010-03-05 2:13am:

Dear Friends,

Puppy Save Me Or I'll Die # 8 & the Shis Tzu are the first adopted.

They are to rope in strays . Why such puppy all by itself? Why ?

Posted on 2010-03-03 2:30pm:

why?why?why?tell me why!u want killing them?Life is impermanent;wisdom is eternal.The love in our heart is boundless,and our spirit will always remain.

Posted on 2010-03-03 2:22pm:

No, they don't charge adoption fees, but you need to filled up a form and provide them a photocopy of your IC.

Posted on 2010-03-03 10:51am:

1 month old only..adi need to kesian..

Posted on 2010-03-02 7:07pm:

Do the Klang *toot* charge any adoption fees?

Posted on 2010-03-02 6:28pm:

STOP this "Put to sleep" practice . I hate to hear this happening here. why not spay them n keep them instead of killing them? damn human is cruel.

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