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Pet Profile
Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat
Posted: 2011-09-29
Updated: 2011-12-30


Breed:Domestic Medium Hair
Age:7 Years 6 Months
Color:Yellow, Gray, White
Size at Maturity:Medium
Fur Length:Medium
Health Condition:Healthy
Location:Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Adoption Fee:RM 150
About The Pet

Thyme has been adopted by Cherry Tee and Eric from Setapak.

Update on the 4th of November: Thyme is more friendly to other cats since the last update; when she sees them, she calls them by making cute little noises. My husband and I recently came back from holiday, and when she saw us, she was very friendly then chased us around all day. She is a lovely sweet cat.

Update on the 18th of October: Thyme gained weight a bit after being spayed; she's been hungry all the time after the operation. I've read that cats can become obese because they eat too much after being desexed; therefore I don't give her more than she needs.

She is still nervous meeting strangers, but she's got a lot better than she used to be. She plays with other cats a lot better now as well; however, she still hisses at them. She never bites other cats though.

I adopted Thyme from the SPCA. She is a independent cat who likes to play on her own more than with other cats. Thyme does get frightened easily: She hissed at my other rescued cats for a few days, but then she got so friendly to them that she let the other 2 kittens take milk from her(she has no milk!)

Thyme has been , dewormed, deflead, and had an ear mite problem cured using Frontline. She was spayed about ten days ago, and will be ready to re-home in another four days (around the beginning of October).

I paid a fee of RM190 to spay Thyme, and an adoption fee of RM100 to the SPCA. I got Thyme spayed in a private clinic who charged me rescuer rate. I also paid for the cost of treatment of ear mites, fleas, and worms. I only expect the adopter share part of the cost. All the adoption fees will go to trapping and neutering/spaying other strays. The cats I catch will either be returned to nature (TNR), or their photos will be put on PetFinder to be re-homed. Many cats get killed everyday by accidents, humans,illnesses or dogs. Unneutered males can get many females pregnant during the mating season, so please support neutering/spaying to save lives

I'm currently feeding Orijen to Thyme; I feed it to all my cats these days. I used to feed my own cats Royal Canin Hair & Skin, but after I realised it wasn't the best quality food I changed to Origen straight away. I was feeding my rescued cats Acana, but switched to Origen when I found that Acana was often out of stock. I also give cats mineral water/filtered water as I don't like to give them tap water; it's got too many chemicals like chlorine etc.

A cat's average life is 12-15 years, but some live up to 20 years if they are well looked after. It is a commitment if you want to have a pet cat. Please DO NOT dump them if they are not cute anymore; they have feelings as well, just like we do.

Here is a bit of information about cat food:
Cats can't tolerate corn and wheat; they cause cats a lot of health problems. The common brands of cat food--such as Friskies, Smartheart, and Whiskas--contain a lot of these ingredients and are awfully bad for cats. Corn and wheat are just used because they are cheap, but they have no benefit for cats.

Well known premium brands, like Royal Canin and Science Plan, also contain corn/maize. I'm unhappy with these companies because their products are pricey, but the quality isn't excellent to match! There are a few other brands that are better quality and don't contain corn and wheat, but at a similar price to Royal Canin and Science Plan: Orijen, Acana, Natural Balance, Evo and Feline Caviar(Holistic) all have 0% corn and wheat and are much better quality.

Please give me a ring or sms if you are interested.
Thank you.

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Thyme in her new home. Her new name is Silver.
Thyme in her new home. Her new name is Silver.

Thyme Has been adopted by Cherry Tee and Eric.
Thyme Has been adopted by Cherry Tee and Eric.

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Natural Balance canned food
Natural Balance canned food

Origen cat&kitten
Origen cat&kitten


Feline Caviar
Feline Caviar

Acana cat&kitten
Acana cat&kitten


Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme - Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Thyme has a beautiful collar.
Thyme has a beautiful collar.

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18 Comments [ View All ]
Posted on 2011-12-28 12:35pm:

Yay! Thyme finally got adopted! Love the photo of her sitting up on her hind legs to check out her new home. :-)

Posted on 2011-11-26 2:17pm:

It really warms my heart to read an intelligent and informed discussion about cat nutrition. I feed a mix of raw meaty bones and whole prey model, but I only have one cat so it's not much work, especially as my dog is also on a raw diet (although I don't feed them exactly the same). In my opinion, corn-free is good, grain-free is excellent, carbohydrate-free is almost perfect and raw (done with care) is best of all. I have been raw feeding dogs for over 20 years but I only started raw feeding my cat quite recently. I am also fostering a rescue kitten (about 7 months) who has been transformed from a malnourished runt to a musclebound hulk thanks to his new raw diet. You can find some excellent info about how to feed your cat a healthy diet whatever your preference (commercial food, self-cook or raw) at www.catinfo.org.

Sharon, kudos to you and I hope you succeed with your larger scale cat rescue plan. I have just one comment, though. If you have 20-30 cats in your new house, they will not all be happy cats. Dogs are pack animals, so they do not need to form social bonds to thrive in a large group; they just need to behave appropriately. Cats, on the other hand, form individual social bonds, and therefore the optimum grop size for cats is far smaller. Large groups cause stress and behavioural problems. If you take feral cat colonies as an example, 8-10 adults is the most common size, with sustainable groups above 12 adults very rare indeed. Larger groups exist, with some colonies near abundant food sources numbering over 100 individuals, but fighting is common and mortality is high.

Posted on 2011-10-21 10:16pm:

Where do you get Salmon oil? I am just wondering if it has a strong smell that my cat will not eat it if I put it in her food. Do you add the other vitamins mentioned at Catinfo?

I have fed my cat only meats and fish all of this week and indeed, the poo is small and without smell. Cats eat only small portions, so doing this is very affordable. I might not need origen or other brands after all.

With the soup in the meats meal, my cat has stop drinking from her water bowl completely.

I have a problem with her shedding lately. It disturbs me when I sleep, even when she is not in the room. I have to change the sheets and dust more often than before. When I carry her, there's hair all over my arms. I have started to comb her more regularly and giving weekend baths... I wish I can vacumm her!

Now that we live in a larger house, I am looking for another cat or dog to add to our family. I think she may accept a dog better than a cat, someone told me that a cat would be just competition to her. We had a dog who came over to stay for a week and she was curious about him, but not overly friendly.

You'll have a swell time watching your 20 cats in your new house!

P.S I don't think you need to grind the meats. Chunks are good for chewing-- helps with tartar and exercising the gums. Besides, if you want ground meats, Carrefour sells tubes of frozen ground beef and chicken.

Posted on 2011-10-21 1:41pm:

Hello Ruffz,
Kitty the Great is a incredibly fussy cat, but I managed to changed his food a couple of times. What I do is not give him new food straight away; I mix a bit of new food into the old one and increase the new one slowly. Kitty looks a bit unhappy, but he eats it later on.

He was eating Science Plan, but he lost a lot of hair so I changed him to Royal Canin Hair & Skin; then I found out that RC contains maize (corn) and wheat, which is bad for cats, so I switched to Orijen straight away. I did a lot of research online, and found the quality of Orijen was much better than RC: It has no grains and has more proper meat in it, not meat by-products.

I've always thought that Science Plan and Royal Canin were the best brands for pets; even my vet told me that Royal Canin was the top quality food for cats. NO, that's not true!! How can it be “top quality” while it contains corn and wheat? I've done a lot of research, and found that the vets sell these brands in their clinics because they get a commission; it's nasty that these companies sell their pet food with ridiculously high prices, but it has ingredients that can cause a lot of health problems for cats!!

Kitty's urine used to stink like hell: It smelled so bad that it could give me a headache! I was concerned for his health, so I took him to the vet for a checkup, but the vet said he was fine. I did research online into why cats urine can have such a strong odour, and found out that one of the reasons was because cat don't drink enough water, which sounded very much like Kitty; one article suggested mixing water with dry food, and warm water with canned food to make it like soup. I noticed a big difference after a few days. Now Kitty's stools and urine are not as smelly as before. I also noticed that Kitty has less bowel movements after changing to Orijen.

I mix salmon oil, iodised salt, egg yolks, and a small amount of chicken liver—it has vitamins that cats need. I only buy free range eggs, and never buy battery barn eggs, as they treat chickens awfully bad in battery farms. I basically use the cat food menu from the Catinfo; the main difference is that I cook it, but they feed it to cats raw. I also don't mince the meat, but cut into chunks; bones are an important source of calcium. I don't have a meat grinder to grind the bones because I'm living in a rented property at the moment; I will buy one after moving into my landed house early next year.

I can't wait to move into a house; I'm going to rescue, foster, and adopt more cats. I wish to have at least 20 to 30 cats in my house. I have 4 of my own at the moment; I love watching them playing, they do all sort of silly things. Butter the Paw loves to jump on my shoulder, and sometimes he practices balancing himself on top of my head:)) It's much better to see them playing than going to a cocktail party:))

I've found a website about how to choose the right cat food and read cat food labels. Here is the link: http://cats.about.com/cs/catfood/a/tipsforchoosing.htm

Posted on 2011-10-13 5:30pm:

I read the site and now realise I need to reduce the organ proportion in the meals and add some bones. Need to remove the carbs too! So far, the calcium content I give my cat is quite minimal-- from the fishes and softbones from chicken. I gave her part of a boiled chicken feet once and she ate it all without fuss.

I buy every two or three weeks, I usually get fish and one or two other meats on sale for variety. I proportion the menu by week. I don't do real cooking... I actually cut up the meats and zap it in the microwave with a bit of water. Sometimes there's a little too much water, so my cat drinks the soup before she eats!

I still feed her kibbles in the morning and sometimes for a midnight snack if she demands. It's royal canin for mature indoor cats. I have fed her this brand for about five years now. I tried to change it once but she turned her nose up at the new brand. Fresh food is much cheaper than premium kibbles however.

Shall check the pet store at ikano for wheat/corn free kibbles in a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing generously.

P.S. I don't notice any reduction in level of stinkiness from her poo as described on the site! Perhaps I should try one week of all cooked foods and no kibbles.

Posted on 2011-10-13 12:54am:

Hi Ruff, I agree with a lot of the stuff in the website, but not about the raw food though. Feeding raw food to cats is still controversial, and much contention exists between experts on the subject. I don't feed my cats raw food as I'm concerned about Salmonella and other diseases. Before I'm 100% sure that raw food is safe for cats I won't give it to them. Cooked food is safe and healthy, so I will stick with it.
I cook for my cats once a week, and store enough for 3 days; the rest of the days I feed them Natural Balance canned food and Origen dry food. Cats don't drink enough water, which is really bad for their kidneys, so it's necessary to feed them wet food at least once a day. I also mix some water into their dry food so they can absorb more water. I make soup for my cats from canned food by mixing it with warm water—my cats love it!

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