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Pet Profile
Skitty - Mixed Breed Dog
Posted: 2015-05-31
Updated: 2016-08-11


Breed:Mixed Breed
Age:3 Years 1 Month
Color:Brown, White
Size at Maturity:Medium
Fur Length:Short
Vaccinated:Not Sure
Dewormed:Not Sure
Spayed/Neutered:Not Sure
Health Condition:Healthy
Location:Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Adoption Fee:Free
About The Pet

Skitty the friendly stray girl is Miss Congeniality of the neighbourhood.

Almost every person at the nearby park knows her, and she couldn't resist giving everyone a jumping kiss.

We sent her for spaying, then released her back onto the streets and continued feeding her for a month or so, until one day the local council was around catching strays.

The guards kindly informed us as they know we've been caring for her. So we decided to foster her temporarily.

Initially she was so naughty and wild that she refused to stay inside the house for more than 5 minutes, before she tries to escape the gate and cry so loudly the entire neighbourhood can hear.

We had no choice but to send her to a boarding place for a whole month (that was quite costly!). The place is pretty spacious with a nice park, and she was barking her head off initially. After a couple weeks, she became more calm and "domesticated", and we were very happy to see the difference, thanks to the caring team there that gave her some behavioral training.

Skitty is now a fully domesticated home dog, and she has gone to a very loving home, surprising the adopters with her superb intelligence!

Although she's a stray, she's able to learn over 20 tricks (i.e. roll, die, cross, jump, bow etc) in just a few short months, and can understand many English and Chinese terms!

A little love and care can certainly go a long way towards changing the lives of stray animals.

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Skitty - Mixed Breed Dog

Skitty - Mixed Breed Dog

Skitty - Mixed Breed Dog

Skitty - Mixed Breed Dog

Skitty - Mixed Breed Dog

Skitty - Mixed Breed Dog

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