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Pet Profile
Mui's Litter Of 5 [4/5 Adopted] - Domestic Short Hair Cat
Mui's Litter Of 5 [4/5 Adopted]
Posted: 2017-01-05
Updated: 2017-02-02


Breed:Domestic Short Hair
Gender:Mixed Gender
Age:1 Year 1 Month
Color:Black, Yellow, Gray
Size at Maturity:Medium
Fur Length:Short
Health Condition:Healthy
Amount:5 Pets
Location:WP, Kuala Lumpur
Adoption Fee:Free
About The Pet

Update 26/1/2017: 4 kittens adopted! Will be making a new post for the last one, thank you for your interest :)
Update 5/1/2017: 3 kittens adopted! Curly, Big Eyes and Tiger have found homes :)

A pregnant cat we call Mui (after Anita Mui, since she has a hoarse voice) came to us on Deepavali eve, and we've been taking care of her ever since, from pregnancy, to birth, to the now 6 weeks old furry cuties who are ready to find their forever homes :)

Adoption of 2 or more of them is highly encouraged!

[names are all temporary, for convenience]

-ADOPTED- Curly [Male Ginger]
Has a curly tail, cute white toe socks and a playful and curious personality. Sort of the 'Big Brother' of the litter, a little bigger than the rest and a outgoing personality to match!

-ADOPTED- Chinaman [Male Ginger]
Has unique eyes, and a comparably calmer demeanor compared to Curly, Tiger and Tortoiseshell, but still plays very well with all siblings at playtime

3. Trinity [Female tricolour of white, orange, black]
Very playful and energetic, she is the one to initiate play all the time and runs around the most compared to her sibs. Also very fastidious in her cleaning, as I see her clean herself longer than the others do. She has a soft, very prettily coloured coat and white stockings

-ADOPTED- Big Eyes [Female gray tabby]
She has a comparatively gentler temperament, and is more on the reserved side like Chinaman, and both like to sit and stare quietly at times, but when it's playtime she runs about with the rest. She has softer fur than the others, and may turn out to have medium rather than short length fur.

-ADOPTED- Tiger [Female gray-brown tabby]
The runt of the litter, she is lively, energetic and can be very vocal to compensate for her small size. She keeps up just fine with everyone, and has a rather unique shade of coating, a gray orange hue.

Please message for any inquiries, more pictures or videos, I would be very happy to oblige, cheers!

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Mui's Litter Of 5 [4/5 Adopted] - Domestic Short Hair Cat




Big Eyes
Big Eyes


Mui's Litter Of 5 [4/5 Adopted] - Domestic Short Hair Cat

Mui's Litter Of 5 [4/5 Adopted] - Domestic Short Hair Cat


Mui's Litter Of 5 [4/5 Adopted] - Domestic Short Hair Cat

Mui's Litter Of 5 [4/5 Adopted] - Domestic Short Hair Cat

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