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What is Animal Communication?
Animal Communication refers to the art of talking, without needing spoken language, to animal companions or even to wild animals. It uses natural telepathic skills. In order to open up these telepathic pathways it is necessary to connect with an ancient part of the brain and consciousness. This Animal Communication uses telepathy to communicate with animals, sending and receiving messages through the heart and mind in forms of images and sensations, feelings, smells, intuition and dialogue.
Animals are constantly using body language and telepathy, as well as vocalization, to try to send us messages. But our telepathic skills have become dormant over millennia as we have come to depend on spoken and written words for human communication, and so we humans have become generally unable to properly receive their messages.

Animal Communication Workshop, Foundation Level is divided into two parts and conducted in 2 days.

Animal Communication Workshop – Foundation (Level 1)
The 2 days Foundation Level Workshop (Level 1), will give you the basic skills to communicate with your animals. The workshops are designed to run back to back, in view of the long working hours and busy lifestyle in Singapore. The workshops should be completed to give you the basic skills to communicate with your pets.
A Certificate of “Animal Communication Foundation Workshop” will be issued upon completion of the workshop.
Workshop Content
Day One – Foundation Level 1 will cover:

 Clearing blockages GroundingOpening you to intuitive impressions Telepathic abilities Connecting with your animalsEssences of animalsCode of ethics

You will need:
1. A photo of your pet
2. A note book
3. Something you use with your pet ( lead, collar, toy, etc )
Day Two – Foundation Level 1 will cover:

HomeworkRevisionMeditationCase studiesSolving ProblemsAnimals who have left the planetUse of crystals for animalsYou will need:
1. A photo of your pet
2. A note book
3. Something you use with your pet ( lead, collar, toy, etc )

4. A photo of a pet that passed away (if you have lost a pet)

Animal Communication Workshop – Intermediate (Level 2)

Animal Communication Workshop, Intermediate (Level 2) is a full day workshop. It is designed to fine tune your telepathic skills and give you more power and tools when communicating with animals.
Certificate of “Animal Communication Intermediate Workshop” will be issued upon successful completion of the workshop.
Student must have completed Foundation (Level 1) before they join the Intermediate (Level 2) Workshop.
Workshop Content
The workshop will cover :

More tools for improving connection with your own animals/connecting with other animalsYour Past Lives with your petsMeditationAttunementsAutomatic writingAutomatic drawingMeeting your spirit guides / animal totemsConnecting to the Earth energy

You Will Need:
1. A photo of your pet
2. A photo of a pet that passed away ( if you have lost a pet )
3. Pictures or photos of animals ( dogs, cat, birds, elephants or any wild animals )
4. A note book
5. Color pencils

Animal Communication Workshop – Advance (Level 3)

Students must have completed Foundation (Level 1) and Intermediate (Level 2) Animal Communication workshops with Rosina and has completed the stipulated pre-course preparation work and case studies.
Workshop Content

Animal communication / case studiesAdvanced use of crystals for animalsCommunicating with tree, flowers and plantsMandalas for you and your petsAwareness of animal kingdomAdvance animal guidesWorking with your animal guidesOwners bereavement issuesTracking lost animalsAnimal auraColor Healing for Animals – includes animal charkas, animal endocrine, solarized water for animals and how to use it, physical massage and etheric massage for animals**Huna for Animals – includes Gateways, Chakras, Constellations and Energy Field**

** New Topics
The following certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the workshop and assignments :

Advanced Animal Communication WorkshopColor Healing for Animals

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Zeus Communications

Zeus Communications is a group of animal lovers, banded together by passion and our belief that we are the voices for the animals. Our aim is to elevate the status and significance of companion animals in our society, which is long overdue for the good of the animals and humanity. Our lack of respect for animals and nature reflects a deep spiritual disorder in our species.

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