A Twist To Darwin’s Story?


Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/02/22/more-on-darwins-story/

From Narelle:

I am sure Darwin is a different dog. The other one we never got. Spoke to lileng who sent Darwin up to us. He was run over near a friend of hers house. The mother and other puppies were sent to SPCA and they later found, put down. So she was determined not to have the same fate to this one. Lileng and her friends raised money by selling craft items in weekend bazaars for his care for 3 months, but no one wanted him. So I said I would take. Again her friends went back to the fairs, sold books etc to pay for the cargo. They didn’t have any outside help at all from the animal groups. But now I wonder, where is the other one? Darwin is the only dog we have taken from kl. Have quite a few from penang and sungai petani.

Hmm…looks like the dog whom I was told needed amputation and was sent to LASSie with my brother’s RM1000 may never have been sent at all?  I just hope the RM1000 was used for something else which was beneficial to animals.

There is no point wondering because I’d never know. Let’s just move on wiser now.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/02/25/a-twist-to-darwins-story/




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