Two Rescued Kittens In Need Of A Home, One With A Leg Chopped Off (Bernice And Donovan’s)


Bernice Chee and her husband, Donovan Chin, feed many street animals around their neighbourhood.

Last night, Bernice managed to rescue two kittens (from a litter of five), and one was discovered to have had a leg chopped off (but it looked like an old wound).

Bernice and Don would like to rehome these kittens so that they will be safe and loved. If you are interested, please contact Bernice directly on 012-4827112 or [email protected]

From Bernice:

Just now near midnight we managed to rescue 2 out of 5 kittens from a neighbors house. Heartbreaking thing is that one of the babies’s back legs has been cut off. But the wound looks clean and not wet anymore. They are now safely in my house and I also took in mommy cat to help ease the kitten’s anxiety. They are about 3-4 weeks old but is able to lick and eat solids already. Now we wonder about the other 3 as DOn said he saw 5 of them a week ago in another neighbors house. This mommy cat has given birth 3 times since we moved here 10 months ago. 3 of her first batch of boys were neutered under animalcare funding (whiteone, whitetu, grey).
Her 2nd batch of babies were never seen or found. We just saw her with a big tummy one day, and no more tummy a few days later. We are now very determine to get her spayed so that she does not have to go through this again. We feel so sad for her as she is such a beautiful calico girl and very friendly now.
Oh well..one life at a time and tomorrow is already here. Will think positive and hope we find the other 3 kittens and get them all rehomed.
And from Donovan:
We have been finally able to rescue 2 kittens that one of our community cats had given birth to. One of them is pure white and the other is a calico.
The sad news after we got them was that we found that the calico one is missing the lower part of it’s right hind leg. It looks to have been severed off sometime ago. It seems to have been traumatized by the situation and is a little aggressive at the moment but seems to be calming down a little.
They seem to be able to eat on their own. We’ve given them a mixture of wet food and kibbles in kitten milk. They look like the might almost be old enough to be adopted off and they are the cutest little things.
Hopefully someone can give these little fellas a forever home.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/03/27/two-rescued-kittens-in-need-of-a-home-one-with-a-leg-chopped-off-bernice-and-donovans/




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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