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Jay Lam
[email protected]

Hi I got the link to your website from Petfinder. I post an ad there
to find my missing cat. Please advise how I can do it here. Just
trying to put more word out there to find my beloved cat back.

This the pet profile I put up there :

If there is any additional information, please let me know. Thank you
for taking the time to read this.

Everyone, please click on the link above and help look out for Jay’s cat. If spotted, kindly contact Jay as soon as possible at his email above. Thank you!


Hi Chan

Thank you for your reply. The pet profile created there i still under review by the site admin.
I’ll send u the text I wrote there (since I am able to access it) :
My boy Ozee went missing about a week ago in SS1, Kampung Tunku, PJ. He lives with me in the row of bungalow houses located in front of the school, 7-Eleven and Post Office of Kampung Tunku. (Jalan SS1/15)
Ozee has classic tabby markings – black with sandy brown stripes, as shown in the photos. They appeared to be have a grayish shade in these pictures shown here due to the lighting conditions at the time the photos were taken. He has clear green eyes and a straight tail but a stubby knob at the end.
He is a very friendly and affectionate cat with humans. Loves human company, belly rubs and Totally does not bite. To me, he’s my kid, and I’m very attached to him. Answers to his name and the instruction “Come”.
Please, if anyone in SS1 has seen him, or you have taken him in, please get in touch with me ASAP on the phone at 012-3084907 and 0194732755 or watsapp me at 014-9640602. Petfinder messages will also be read immediately.
It’s not just me who wants him back, my relatives love him very much as well and we are all praying for his safe return. His first birthday will be next month, which is also the month of my birthday. Our family would really be grateful for him to come home so that we can celebrate his and my birthday together.
A cash reward PLUS compensation for care costs will be given for his return, or information leading to his safe return.
Thank you so much for your quick reply.
Jay Lam

I’ve advised Jay to look for Ozee at night when it is quiet. Also, to put up flyers in the vicinity and in the postboxes of neighbours’.  If you stay around that area, please help look out for Ozee.

Ozee will probably respond more comfortably to Jay. So, if you spot any cat that resembles Ozee, please contact Jay immediately.

Jay: 012-3084907 and 0194732755 or watsapp me at 014-9640602.

UPDATES from Jay at 9.00pm:

UPDATE: just returned from a 2.5 hr neighbourhood foot trek around Kampung Tunku to look for my boy when I got back from work today.

The guy at the 7-Eleven next to the Kampung Tunku post office has positively identified Ozee because of his unusual markings. He told me he saw Ozee around the 7-11 premises about 2-3 nights ago and saw him run off to the housing area behind the Kampung Tunku school (SS1/23, Jalan Baiduri area).

Also tried searching for him in the Kampung Tunku school grounds after leaving the 7-11. No luck there but the kindly night watchman there Mr Naidu has promised to help, as well as a Mr Sakhti and his nice family (they live in the area behind the Kampung Tunku school).

I will be putting up printed posters around the area ASAP.

Please help, if you live in the Kampung Tunku area.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/03/18/lost-cat-please-help-to-look-out-for-it-jay-lams/




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