Stronghold, Feisty Little Kitten, Given A Clean Bill Of Health (Christine Tio’s)


From Christine:

Came back from the clinic. Have done the checkup. Stronghold is healthy. He is about 8 days old. The vet has given him some vitamin drops. She said that is the only thing she can do for now. Have also trimmed his nails.

The doctor advise to bring him back for another checkup after 2 weeks. By then, he will be able to eat some blend can food with water.  She also advise that stronghold to be given worm vaccination when he reaches two months old.

I really have learnt a lot these days by this incident.  I came across this morning, the book by Venerable Ajahn Chah which title “everything is teaching us”.  I truly agree with him, do you feel the same?

Ok for now. Have to go cook lunch for the children. Take care.

Absolutely, Christine. Everything, good or bad, IS teaching us. And when we have finally learnt it all, we won’t need to come back anymore (off to more beautiful shores!).

Here are some photos of Stronghold with four of Christine’s six children. It looks like (we hope!) the family will adopt little Stronghold. The benefits of children who have pets are priceless – it teaches them loving-kindness, compassion, responsibility and unconditional loving (our pets teaches us this!).

 With Joan

 With Joey

Is Stronghold saying “hi”?!!

 With Joson

 With Sue Hwa

Have happy life, Stronghold, and grow up strong and healthy!

Updates at 5.14pm - Christine says her eldest daughter, Joey, has taken up the responsibility of looking after Stronghold now.

Take a look:


 Cleaning up after the feed.

All first-timers – let’s cheer them on!

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/03/14/stronghold-feisty-little-kitten-given-a-clean-bill-of-health-christine-tio/




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