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Technology revolutionizes our lives, and that of animal welfare too. With Smartphones and social media, perpetrators of animal abuse can run but they CANNOT hide.

We are all fully ARMED.. with phones, and we CAN make a difference by pressuring the authorities to act, and exposing these culprits to ultimate shame.

SPCA Selangor’s latest updates indicated that the animal abuser SS17 Wantan Mee seller Mr.Wai has been picked up by DVS for further investigation. Let this be a warning to all would-be animal abusers that they shall face the wrath and fury of the nation!

More on SS17 Animal Abuse Case
Photo: http://bit.ly/zpM0IT
GuangMing News: http://bit.ly/zJhTDt
TheStar News: http://bit.ly/ylAYnq

What else can you do?

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