Caring Dachshund Adopts Kittens


MOMMY DOG ADOPTS KITTEN! Duchess, a Dachshund doggy that has such strong motherly instincts, “adopted” a litter of orphaned kittens – for the 3rd time in a year!

Once the kittens were brought to her, Duchess immediately started licking them, and the next morning, she was producing milk for the babies! The kittens now think their mommy is a doggy.

What a truly heartwarming and inspiring case of sweet, unconditional love!
Duchess the dachshund was busy washing down her new baby Tuesday inside Sheila Hutson’s western Ouachita Parish home. However, this baby wasn’t much of a barker. It meowed instead.Source: http://www.thenewsstar.com/article/20120418/NEWS01/204180324/Caring-dachshund-adopts-kittens




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