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Thank you to all the animal lovers for your unwavering support in making our dream come true an effective technology platform for promoting the welfare of homeless animals, spreading awareness and public education!

Below are some of our key achievements over the past year:
1) PetFinder.my Charity Fair, which raised over RM40,000 for participating NGOs
2) Medical Fund, which allows everyone to easily and transparently donate online towards the rescue of injured animals
3) Central News Portal, which brings you the latest animal welfare updates from over 2 dozen leading NGOs
4) Smartphone Apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Now everyone can save lives anywhere, anytime!
5) StopAnimalAbuse.my Petition, initiated by SPCA Selangor and supported by NGOs nationwide. The viral petition obtained 10,000 signatures in 10 days, and was presented to government together with animal welfare proposals.
6) Winner of DiGis WWWOW Award in the Best Internet For Good category
7) Winner of TV3s Sejuta Impian program 8) Almost 4,000 pets found loving homes through our portal within the last 365 days!

These achievements would not be possible without the help of every one of you animal shelters, rescuers, fosterers, adopters and animal lovers.

We are proud and happy to see our nation stand united in this noble cause, and together, we shall achieve even greater heights in the years to come.

PetFinder.my truly appreciates your support and thank you once again, everybody!Source: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=363986493646980&set=a.284953574883606.68330.284850241560606&type=1




PetFinder.my is Malaysia's leading Pet Adoption Portal. We strive to find a loving home for every pet, uphold animal welfare and advocate responsible pet ownership.

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