ACRES Achievements 2012!

Thanks to your fantastic support for ACRES, heres what we achieved for the animals in our last Financial Year (1 April 2011 31 March 2012):

We held 242 talks and/or roadshows, reaching out to over 46,000 people about animal protection.
Students are now more interested in animal welfare and we helped 67 groups of students with their animal protection projects.
Our efforts were featured in 235 media articles and/or reports, reaching out to millions of people.
We held 2 Public Forums on Animal Welfare Policies with Minister Shanmugam, engaging over 500 people, and these resulted in significant improvements to animal protection policies.
Our amazing dedicated volunteers clocked up over 9,000 hours helping ACRES help animals.
We received over 1,800 calls on our Wildlife Crime/Rescue Hotline, rescuing over 1,000 wild animals in need, and successfully released 691 animals back into the wild.
We continued our efforts in tackling wildlife crime, conducting a sting operation which resulted in the arrest of 2 individuals trying to sell a ball python smuggled into Singapore.
We continued our decade-long campaign to end the sale of sharks fins in Singapore.
We joined with ARREST (Asias Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking programme) to launch efforts to combat wildlife crime in this region.
Partnering Cruelty Free International and running their Asia office, we launched a campaign to ban animal testing for cosmetics.
We raised awareness about the sale of dog meat in Singapore and pushed for the humane treatment of fish, eels and crabs being sold as food.
We launched a campaign calling for Resorts World Sentosa to let the dolphins go. We held 27 roadshows in 10 months to create the much needed awareness on the plight of captive dolphins and organised numerous public events (concerts, film screenings, dialogue sessions, media events, etc) resulting in over 670,000 joining us in this campaign.
Our efforts in Malaysia resulted in substandard zoos being raided and scores of wild animals being confiscated on animal welfare grounds. Malaysia also enacted new legislation to safeguard the welfare of zoo animals.
We assisted a campaign in Thailand which resulted in Chiang Mai Zoo shelving their plans to acquire polar bears.
We began our efforts in Lao PDR to end bear farming and tackle wildlife crime. The launch of the programme was witnessed by H.E. Dr. Thongloun Sisoulith, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Lao PDR and Mr. K Shanmugam, Singapores Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minster for Law.
The ACRES Executive Director received the Singapore 9 award, a Yahoo! project to recognise nine Singaporeans who really made a difference in the past year.

Once again, on behalf of the animals, thank you for your generous donations and support!

We’d love to hear your views about ACRES! Give us your feedback about our efforts at: http://acres.org.sg/support/feedback.htmlSource: http://acres.org.sg/support/feedback.html




ACRES (Animal Concerns Research & Education Society) is a pioneering Singapore-based charity and Institution of Public Character, founded by Singaporeans in 2001 with the aim of promoting animal welfare.

ACRES has six focus areas: Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Wildlife Crime Investigation, Zoo Animal Welfare, Humane Education, Community Outreach and Promoting Cruelty-Free Living.

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