Bunny, After The RetroMAD1


It’s just been two doses of RetroMAD1, and Bunny seems much, much better today. His fever is gone. He looks much better too.

He fought me real hard just now when I gave him his Vetri DMG. Maybe he thinks he doesn’t need it anymore. Now, when Bunny fights, I lose. I definitely lose, because Bunny (the Sumo wrestler) is much stronger than me! He’s got back his strength, and I have scratches everywhere to prove that!


†These two photos were taken late last night, after the first dose of RetroMAD1.

†This was taken just now.

Being FIV+, it had always taken a LONG time for Bunny to get well whenever he is ill. When the rest takes 3-4 days, Bunny would take 3 weeks. It is not surprising since being FIV+ means his immune system is compromised.

Thank goodness for RetroMAD1, he’s so much better today, and it has only been two doses. Like it or not, Bunny would have to continue with the RetroMAD1 for sometime. Not taking any chances for a relapse.

Wish me luck with Bunny the Sumo!

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/06/02/bunny-after-the-retromad1/




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    Hi, I came across your website after looking up on Retromad1.
    My cat was diagnosed with FIV 2 months ago and I am wondering how Buddy is doing? Your post is in 2012 and I would like to enquire about the long term effects of Retromad1.

    I would really appreciate your reply. Hopefully I
    will get one step closer to making my kitty healthier.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Hi Liza, Retromad1, as I understand it, is to be used only for symptomatic FIV+ cats (and some other diseases as well). Bunny recovered and is doing fine now. He gets occasional low-grade fevers every now and then. I just give him immune boosters like Vetri DMG and he would be okay. Hope this helps.

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