How To Dominate The Sofa


OK, all you cats have to Promise not to tell anyone else about this blog. Put your paw on your heart and say, May My Tail Fur Fall Out If I Tell!
Right, now we can talk.
As some of you may know from the official Katz Tales blog, I live with a senior cat called Au and a young fur brain called Target – or Targut because he’s so fat around the middle!
To them and to my pets I seem a normal handsome man cat. But to you I can reveal that my true ambition is to Rule.
First I will Dominate my Pets. Then I plan to Rule The World!

Push your Claw into the Sofa and Establish Dominance!

How to Dominate the Sofa with a Claw

I have no objection to handing out Ministries to any cats who want to Rule too. I therefore plan to share my experiences.
My first tip is on Dominating The Sofa. The important thing here is to pick your spot, and stick to it. Literally.
As you can see by this picture, I use my Claw to emphasize my position is Permanent.
Try it and see how it works for you.
Meow until next week!



Ellen Whyte

Ellen Whyte was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since then she's lived in Scotland, Spain, Indonesia and Malaysia. She read psychology at Stirling University but that hasn't helped her gain the upper hand in her dealings with her cat companions. She began writing fulltime about 15 years ago and considers herself extremely lucky to be able to make a career out of a hobby.

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