Steak, Lovely Steak!


Hello kitties! I have good news to report! I have trained my pet to give me steak twice a day!

This is how you do it.

You wait until your Pet is eating Red Meat. Then you go over and you show interest.

You do this by twitching your whiskers, saying MEOOOOOOW? in a sweet way, and then looking furry hungry.

Don’t beg! Just look as if you’re going to Faint From Starvation.

Unless your Pet has a heart of stone, he or she will hand a bit over.

When you get some, show how much you love it. Lick your whiskers and purr loudly.

Believe me, your Pet will get the hint.

I did this and my Pet now buys steak for my breakfast and dinner efurry day!

When it’s ready she calls me in that special voice she uses when there’s A Treat and I come running!

I come running even if I’m upstairs in bed Asleep.

I come running even if I’m Outside, Exploring.

I come running even if…

Wait a minute! Oh my Cod! Have I trained my Pet or has she Trained Me?????

Guido shows his Devil Ears

Oh My Cod! Who's Training Who Here?



Ellen Whyte

Ellen Whyte was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since then she's lived in Scotland, Spain, Indonesia and Malaysia. She read psychology at Stirling University but that hasn't helped her gain the upper hand in her dealings with her cat companions. She began writing fulltime about 15 years ago and considers herself extremely lucky to be able to make a career out of a hobby.

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    Sadly I believe my human is too stupid for that kind of training…

  2. avatar

    He he :)
    Say that ??
    Who have trained who well ;-)

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