WAGisode #1: House Training The Rock Stars


Wagisode #1 – It’s a Dog’s Life

Our household consists of more canines than there are humans. My partner, Greg, and I have somehow ended up keeping whatever strays come our way.
When I first moved to Malaysia (three years ago), I brought with me my darling girl, Malibu (she was a rescued terrier mix from Hong Kong and I had her for over a decade before she passed recently). As houses are so much bigger here than they are in my beloved hometown, I decided that it was a good time to find her a friend and add to our family.†This was when Samba was introduced to us (I found her profile on Petfinder.my) and two years ago, we had two dogs in the house…. (both Malibu and Samba were toilet trained and very gentle, given that they were both girls and had come into home already adults).
Last year, Steve joined our family. With every intention of finding him a lovely home, we feared it wouldn’t have been fair to keep him considering we already had two dogs.

…. Well… Somehow he became a very loved member of the family despite his very hyperactive, boyish ways! Things were all very peaceful until Greg decided to rescue this poor pup, covered in over a hundred ticks, looking so sad and so teeny tiny! How Steve managed to “cute” his way into our hearts, I will never quite understand… but he is a seriously legendary dog with surprises for us almost every day.
I am a huge animal lover… but I have to admit I am definitely NOT a professional when it comes to training them. I pamper them way too much apparently (they sleep on the bed and I sometimes think I need them more than they need me lol).
Steve… sigh… he’s like a person! He is an incredibly smart dog but such a little boy at heart. Everyone loves him (even the new pup, MJ – another street find by dearest Greg!!) and no one can deny that his goofy persona is irreplaceable. He is an extraordinary character but please, if anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to house train him…. we could do with some help!
I don’t quite know why he likes chewing on our walls or stairs… or doorways and sofas!! He has plenty of toys, walks and exercises very often and is fed plenty of nutritious food and snacks – seriously, please, if anyone has any advice to chuck our way, I am sure you would be saving our wallets thousands of dollars just from renovation costs alone!!
It doesnt seem to matter to him either when I scream and am obviously frustrated… I have no idea why he still does it… but yes, it is like he tries to surprise us every so often with little gifts like holes in the walls…. or pillow stuffing “confetti” all strewn across the floor.
It is extremely aggravating.
He’s Steve… and despite all these random surprises, we still love him because how could we not when he taps on us and waits to be let in under the duvet… or when he is ever so gentle with the puppy and would do anything he possibly could to make you feel better when he sees you’re upset! He is a bit of a rock star in this house… and let’s face it, all rock stars come with a bit of “crazy” :) .




Sabrina Saw, Menari Machine

I spend my life, very fortunately, being able to do what I love every single day. When I'm not coaching or choreographing, I'm working on various types of projects. I love my job (if I can even call it a "job"!) and I love what I do but at the end of the day, NOTHING beats the furry welcome of my best friends. All of my dogs were strays and they are all incredibly individual in their personalities. Although I am away from my family who are back home in Hong Kong, my dogs are my family here. I wish more people would adopt and give these amazing animals loving homes!

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