A Painful Rear


Max has all along been a regular stray that we have been feeding over the years, and he would be elated to see us, or rather, our food. J He is one of those strays that are independent and to some extent aloof, but we rather it remain this way as it is safer for them rather than them being too affectionate and friendly. We do believe the workers loved him like the other dogs in their factory they were all big and tall, the females too! At one point of time, they had a great population boom due to initial resistance to sterilization, but slowly, we managed to convince them to help us help the females.

Having not seen Max for some time, we smiled when the sound of our car engine brought him running out towards our car. We left a big pile of food for him, and he gobbled down the food as always. However, as we were about to turn to leave, we saw that his rear seemed wet. It was rather dark in that street and we hurriedly brought out a torchlight to check what was wrong. His entire rear was red and raw, and had caved in. Blood was occasionally dripping out as he ate it was an awful sight.

We went back to the factory in the daytime and asked the workers for help. They were unsure as to how Max got injured as their dogs had access to slip in and out of their factory gate and being strays, it was pretty hard to keep them in. They agreed to help us catch him if they could, and we waited and waited. Each time we went back to the factory week after week, the workers said that after a few unsuccessful attempts, he would only come out to eat and thereafter run back to hide within the heavy metal pipes which are inaccessible to humans. We were helplessly desperate. Initially Max still had a stump for his tail but as time went by, the stump slowly got eaten away as well.

One evening, the long-awaited call from the worker came. They managed to lure Max into a big metal container and forced him into the carrier! We hurried down to the factory, and Max was brought to the vet early in the morning the next day.

Max was already rather weak at that point of time and that was one of the reasons why the workers were able to catch him. He was pretty resistant at first but the clinic staff managed to calm him down and temporarily muzzled him just to play safe. We all flinched slightly upon close examination of his wound the vet advised the wound might have been there for months and the many generations of maggots were eating into his rectum. The wound needed thorough cleaning and he would definitely need to be hospitalized and let the wound close up a bit first before he can be discharged. We also hoped that we would be able to find a foster home for him.
As we were discussing Maxs condition, Max actually dozed off on the ground. We could all see how tired he was and left him there to rest for a while before the clinic staff started on cleaning his wound. The vet also called later in the afternoon to update that Max was anemic and this might be due to the fact that he has been bleeding on and off through his rear. He also had diahorrea and this was later found to be due to hookworms/tapeworms in his body. Poor boy.

We are kindly seeking a fosterer as well as your kind contribution to offset Maxs bills and help him on a route of full recovery. If you will like to do so, kindly email noahsarkcares@gmail.com

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Noah's Ark CARES (Companion Animal Rescue and Education Society) was formed in June 2005. The extended arm of Noah's Ark Lodge - Noah's Ark CARES aim is to reach out to Singaporeans and address the issue of abandoned pets and strays. Working in tandem with AVA and other animal welfare organizations, Noah's Ark CARES has embarked on several community-based projects aimed at re-educating the public and especially young children, our future generation.

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