Movie Against Animal Cruelty 'What Goes Around'


Please support the animal cruelty awareness project from S.A.F.E (Saving Animals From Euthanasia). S.A.F.E., in cooperation with Artist Embassy Entertainment, is planning to produce a movie (http://www.facebook.com/MovieAgainstAnimalCruelty) to raise awareness about how slack animal cruelty laws are and what needs to be done. The budget for the movie is being raised through ‘crowd-funding’ which means lots of people donating small amounts to make the project happen – S.A.F.E. is funding through Pozible http://www.pozible.com/whatgoesaround. If the project budget is not met, then none of the donations go through – so everyone is protected. The storyline of this movie is a hip modern story about four characters (American, Australian, English and Japanese) who save and rescue animals but also dish out fitting punishments to the perpetrators. They also track down an animal exporter in SE Asia. Please do visit http://www.pozible.com/whatgoesaround for more information if you would like to help. A team of four, from Australia, USA, UK and Japan embark on saving animals from terrible circumstances while also administering justice to the people responsible. They also become aware of a dangerous animal dealer who ships animals illegally, and with the help of a financial benefactor they embark…

Source: http://www.facebook.com/MovieAgainstAnimalCruelty



SPCA Penang

SPCA Penang's main objectives are to prevent the unnecessary suffering of animals and to ensure responsible pet ownership. Hence the Society acts to prevent cruelty to animals and promotes kindness towards them by fostering an intelligent public interest regarding Man's duty animals.

Though the Society is sometimes compelled to put down an animal, our work covers a much more wider scope of rescuing, rehabilitating, healing and re-homing the animals.

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