Treating And Looking After A Sporo Cat (a Sharing From Fenton Yong)


Recently, we had a query on treating and looking after sporo cats. Here is a sharing from Fenton Yong.

The Cat Condition:
Sporo has spread to all over his body. His right front leg (paw) was the worst and the private vet even suggested to have it amputated (the surface flesh has already been consumed by this fungal and they are spreading fast). Left front leg has also sporo wound, both hind legs condition were also quite serious. His tail has quite a lot of wounds too (at least 45 to 50%), he is not neutered and his testicles look like going to fall off. Both the side below of his ears have also large sporo wounds. There were around 10 to 13 minor wounds around his body. Prior coming to my home, I was told that there was blood in his sneeze and which the private vet suggested that the sporo might have gone into his nasal system.
The cat is given Sporanox (by the vet). Upon researching, we also give him Liver52, Transfer Factor, Colloidal Silver, multivets and most importantly terbenafine (cream).
In our case here, the vet prescribed a dosage of 1/2 tablet of sporonox per day. To boost his immune system, he is fed two capsules of T-Factor daily (one each time). We also feed him collodia silver and multivits as we noticed that he licked the cement floor.Someone I met in an online forum told me to open up the TFactor capsule and sprinkle the power around the cat wounds. We also did this initially but we don’t think that it would work as his condition was very serious.
This is important:
Initially, we were looking to buy Potassium iodite (ki) but soon we learnt that this drug has been banned in Malaysia at least for commercial use. And so we opt to terbenafine (cream) which we apply to all his wounds, twice a day – he is put on a collar to prevent him from licking the cream. [There are two brands of terbenafine in the market, at least that of we are aware of - we are using the original brand Lamisil, costs RM27.50 a tube from caring pharmacy]. We could notice that the wounds were showing signs of recovery in just less than two days. The wounds started to dry and those dead cells (skin/meat) were dropping off. Less than two weeks later, his tail has fully recovered, his testicles are back in shape, those minor wounds have all gone now, fur has started to grow on his front paw (which the vet recommend to have it amputated). He has stopped sneezing blood.
The day he first came to us, he had no energy at all, he just sat quitely at the corner of the cage but now he is so active that he wants to stay out of the cage all the time and cry to let him out. Luckily we quarantine him in an alternative bathroom (which we stopped using for this purpose) and let him roam around. We can’t say about what happens to those sporo sign in his system, the only way to make sure is to bring him to a vet for checkup. Note that not all external wounds are cured especially the front paw.
* On top of that, we also fed him with Great Compassionate Water (obtained from a Buddhist prayer ceremoney). The same person from the forum told me that with the Right, MED, PATIENCE, CARING and LOVE, the cat will definitely recover.
That’s it.

Please note that this is a sharing from our reader upon my request as I believe that some of these “barefoot experiential knowledge” may prove to be helpful for those of us who wish to opt for complementary or holistic treatment. If your cat has similar symptoms, kindly consult a veterinarian for professional advice.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/08/30/treating-and-looking-after-a-sporo-cat-a-sharing-from-fenton-yong/




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    hello,i would like to ask what product of transfer factor you use.I want to treat a cat that have sporo.

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    Hello, I would like to ask.. sporo is because of fungi right?, but my cat was bitten by the other cat and cause a lot of wound and it also has flu.. I don’t understand why the workers at veterinar said my cat has sporo.. but I don’t think so because the wound at my cat’s body is because it has been bitten .. please explain it to me..

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