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WAGazine thought it would be a good idea to track down and document one of PetFinder.my’s many successful adoption stories in our inaugural issue. We dug into the archives and managed to locate one such heartwarming story. However we have changed the names in this article to protect the actual identities of the pet and his guardian.
Harley is a 3 year-old Terrier mix that a puppy mill was going to destroy because at five months old, he had an eye infection which was left unattended and he subsequently lost that eye. Of course they could not sell a one eyed puppy.
He was smuggled out by a kind-hearted worker and to cut the long story short, ended up being listed on PetFinder.my. His picture tugged at Angela’s heartstrings when she saw him. When she eventually met him, she fell in love with his zest for life and his strong cheerful spirit.
Angela told me during this interview that Harley has not only been a wonderful and faithful companion, but that he actually saved her from harm on an occasion. During the monsoon season a snake had sought refuge under her washing machine in the wet area of her kitchen.
One rainy day she was happily loading clothes into the washer and ignored Harley’s incessant barking as she thought he was unhappy not to be taken on his daily walk due to the rain.
It was only when she felt something cold and slimy on her right foot did she look down and start to panic. Before she had time to blink, Harley had the snake in a corner and was growling and baring his teeth menacingly at it to protect her as he sprang to Angela’s defense instinctively.
Recovering her wits, Angela quickly picked the brave little Harley up and slammed the kitchen door shut. She called for the Bomba and the firemen succeeded in trapping the snake to be released to the custody of the zoo. They were amazed that a little dog like Harley had such a big and brave heart to put himself in danger in order to protect Angela. They rewarded him with doggy treats and proudly took his picture for their citizen hero’s gallery.
Angela now has her hero Harley and two other dogs that she rescued from shelters, and she says they make the best and most loyal friends she has.
Do give us your feedback if Harley’s true life story touched you and if it did we will then proceed to locate more such stories for your reading pleasure.



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