Dawn's Doggy Diary [ Part 2 ]


After my bath, I was gently towel dried and then the Girl gave me my first fur trim in a long time. Aiyoh, you poor thing, your hair is all tangled and matted up she said. Ah, finally someone who understands that I am a lady. Shes not bad at all, I thought, even though she didnt use proper doggie scissors and obviously had zero fur trimming experience. Still, I didnt look half bad.

My only problem so far was that they kept calling me Dawn when my name was Lucinda. Cant really blame them when the guy at PAWS couldn’t give them my history. I was to learn the meaning behind my name later.

After my bath I found out that the guy had actually bought a combination food and water dish, a leather collar, shampoo, dry dog food and a leash for walkies before even collecting me. Of course the collar didnt fit. Im toy-sized and the Doofus had bought a mid-sized one. Yeah, I think Ill call him Doofus even though hes extremely nice and gentle with me.

I was then smuggled back into the fast-moving forward box and taken to a park. Oh what joy! Oh what freedom after so long in the cage at PAWS. I ran here. I ran there. I smelled everything. After a short while a Chinese guy named Patrick came with his dog Jeannie and joined us. Jeannie was a Maltese just like me but she was mixed and double my size.

We quickly became friends and Jeannie told me that my humans were softies when it came to us canines. Good to know, mwahahahah! Time to revive my plans for world domination. She also told me not to let them know that I understand human-speak. After some time frolicking in the park we went to the Punj..I mean Doofus’ house nearby and he fed me some dry dog food.

I can get used to this sort of pampering. They sat at the dinner table and yadda-yaddaed. I heard him telling the Chinese girl that it was strange that I never barked at all as I drifted off to dreamland. Three hours later I woke up with a start and vomited. And vomited.

And vomited all night until morning. Of course Doofus got worried and started searching for a nearby Vets number. I wanted to tell him that it was the dry dog food I couldnt digest it after eating soft boiled rice for so long, but I was too sick to talk to him.

The next day when I felt better, the two of them explained to me that I was supposed to be put to sleep and that they had rescued me on my very last day. They actually gave me a new dawn, thereby my name.


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Dave Avran

Describe Dave Avran? Now that's complicated. The dude graduated with a double degree in hospitality management and marketing from UWA, Perth, WA and proceeded to terrorize poor hotel and resort staff for the next 28 years as a General Manager. He likes big bikes and fast cars, and indulged in his passion for writing and music as a journalist, editor, lifestyle magazine publisher, and then proceeded to the theatre as actor and talent manager before becoming active in animal welfare activism. He's widely sought after for his PR and Publicist networking, and is a social media junkie who's wired 24/7. While doing all that, he still finds time to jet set and reviews all the music festivals in this region.

We told ya it's complicated. For today, let's just make life simple and call him an avid animal lover.

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