Life Lesson From A Dog - Ju Ju


by Lolita Yiu

Adapted from Animal Talk Newsletter, September 2012

Have you ever heard that animals are angels sent by God?  Each of them carries different missions, e.g. some becomes human’s food, some are responsible for human transportation, some becomes guinea pigs for animal testings, and some becomes pets. In short, their lives are for us unconditionally.


My sister’s dog (9 years old) passed away last week, died from a heart failure.  His name is “Ju Ju”, a gorgeous little Yorkshire Terrier.  During his last days, the vet said we have done all we can, all we can do is to accompany him.

??bb ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????When he was a baby, my brother-in-law bought him from a pet shop (of course we now know that we should adopt and NEVER buy from pet shop).  At that time, my sister and her family lived in the United States, while her husband was the “astronauts” staying alone in Hong Kong for work, so he bought Ju Ju as a companion.  Therefore, Ju Ju’s childhood was raised by my brother-in-law.


Later, my sister returned to Hong Kong, Ju Ju became her son.  She took him out for walk every day, buying him all kinds of toys and clothes and most importantly, she have spent all her time and love cooking the most delicious and nutritious meal for him.  Ju Ju has been spoiled by my sister.

While my sister encountered marriage problem, she devoted all her love and affection to Ju Ju.  Ju Ju became her soul companion, comforted her through the difficult times.


My sister was later diagnosed with cancer.  During the treatment, she was forced to separate from Ju Ju.  I believed this was the most painful decision for her. She entrusted me to take care of Ju Ju. This is how Ju Ju entered my life.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Funny enough, before I knew Ju Ju was going to stay with me, I had just registered for Rosina’s Animal Communication class.  I was intended to ask my sister to borrow Ju Ju’s toy for my AC practice.  This was such an unexpected arrangement designed by God.  He gave me not only a toy, but a real dog to do the exercises, made me more confident during the learning process.


When Ju Ju first came to my house, of course, he would not be easily settled, because he wanted my sister, not me! He began to bark all night, and left his souvenirs (pee) in every corner of the house, and treated my clothes as his own towel etc… He was driving me crazy!


As his usual night, he began to bark.  It has been a full week that I could not sleep.  I was extremely exhausted physically and mentally after daily work, so I picked him up and cried: “Ju Ju, I understand that you do not want to come to my house, but your mother is sick.  She did not abandon you, but to fight with death.  If you really love her, you and I have to patiently wait for her to recover and I will send you back as soon as possible.  I cannot stand you barking every night.  If you keep doing this, I could not keep you, you understand? I beg you not to bark! “


Since that night, he stopped barking! He has finally agreed to co-operate with me. Of course, I had fully utilised my animal communication skill and it did help me a great deal!


I still recall the first time I did animal communication with him, he was at the terrace barking at the birds.  I connected to him and told him to shut up and came inside to the house.  It was really the first time he shut up and ran inside and looked at me with doubt! Wow! I have done it! True connection with Ju Ju without words!  “Ju Ju, Don’t you dare look down on me anymore, I could actually talk to you”. 


Since then, we have been getting very close together.  From time to time, we have argument, for example, I would call myself “mother” in front of him and he always denied and said that you are not my mother … and I said whoever taking care for you would become your mother!

During  the four months of his stay, we walked together every morning and evening.  He was already part of my life! 


Unfortunately, my sister could not win the battle and died from cancer two years ago!  Eventually, Ju Ju went back and stayed with my niece and took care by her.  When he knew that he could finally go home and stay with my niece, he was so excited.  He even gave me a goodbye kiss before he left.  He is such a gentle boy.


It was a difficult time for my niece losing her mother.  Ju Ju continuously exerted a great influence on her.  His lovely characteristic has lightened up the house and helped her get through the difficult time.  This was a gift that my sister left her, as a continuation of her love and companionship …


Ju Ju left on the same day as my sister died two years ago.  His new journey was to return to my sister as his mission on earth was over.


Ju Ju, Your appearance shows us light and because of you, we see love! Thank you for coming to our life and accompanying us! Thank you for your love!


That night I prayed to God and God told me:

Ju Ju is very good now, you sister has picked him up.  This is the arrangement of God, also the gift from your sister.  They are living happily in heaven now.  Because of love, they have never been separated.


Please do not feel sad about Ju Ju’s leaving, in fact it is a blessing.  He is departing with your love, which is the greatest blessing he could ever receive.  People always think that death is the end of the journey, but in fact it is a beginning.  You have to understand that all things come to an end in order to reborn, so do not dwell in pain, you should outlive from the former joy.  Because of this journey, Ju Ju has completed his mission.


This applies to everyone too.  We lived our lives through a journey to carry out our missions.  You can see the mission of Ju Ju and from it you should understand your own.  You should live your life with no regrets.


Ju Ju is a little angel from God, he has completed his mission and returned to God.  Each soul has a different journey, then to the next one, until it comes to completion.


You should cherish the present and do not waste any time and put in all your effort to complete your journey. This is the purpose of you being here.  Remember to do things you most enjoy, follow your instinct and this will be the right path.  Things which could get your sympathy will touch other’s heart too, remember this, and you will not get lost.


Go and tell people that God loves you all.  Teach them to open up their hearts, so that animals will no longer suffer. 

Source: http://zeuscommunications.blogspot.com/2012/09/life-lesson-from-dog-ju-ju.html



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