Why I Am Trashed


In our house we get to go out all day but we’re in at night. We Cats don’t get out until 5AM.

So last night I spent some time training my pets to open the door whenever I want.

Pets are weakest at night and therefore Susceptible to training.

I waited till 1AM and meowed my Pets awake. The female Pet got up and I Escorted her to the door. Then she said, “It’s 1AM! Go to sleep silly Guido gelongan.”

She can be Furry Rude sometimes.

I tried again at 2AM – and the same thing happened!

At 3AM she got up, walked to the door and said nothing. I thought I had it Licked! I ran down the stairs — and heard her shut the bedroom door behind me!!!

I spent the rest of the night on the sofa and now I’m Trashed.

This is an Abject Failure in my Scheme for Domination. But next week will be better. I’m sure of it.

I am exhausted after a Furry Long Night

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Ellen Whyte

Ellen Whyte was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since then she's lived in Scotland, Spain, Indonesia and Malaysia. She read psychology at Stirling University but that hasn't helped her gain the upper hand in her dealings with her cat companions. She began writing fulltime about 15 years ago and considers herself extremely lucky to be able to make a career out of a hobby.

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