Alert: Dog Catching Spree & Trespassing Reported


According to sources, a string of dog catching activities are underway, with private companies being employed to catch stray dogs at a massive scale.

Areas where many stray dogs were reportedly “missing” include various parts of KLANG VALLEY such as KAJANG, SETAPAK, SERI KEMBANGAN and KLANG, as well as PAHANG. The activity may spread to other areas shortly. Please inform us if your area is affected too, so we can update the list.

For feeders and rescuers looking after community dogs, please try to safeguard them within your compounds, or seek fostering at other locations. Pet owners, please ensure that your dogs are not left roaming freely outside of your house compound.

If you see any cruel dog-catching practices or abuses in action, be sure to capture them with your phone/camera and expose them through social media.

Unfortunately, we do not have the authority to stop them from catching, but we can certainly make it known that the public is keeping a close watch on their actions and abuses will NOT be tolerated.

The public can also help by adopting more homeless animals from http://www.PetFinder.my/ and shelters/rescuers, and spread awareness of animal welfare.

Report Source: AnimalCare, Photo Source: MDDB Archive




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    Firstly, breaking into people’s household was already wrong. Even the police need to have a legal notice or warrant to enter into private premises for investigation. These dog catching companies/bodies/authorities/organisations are nothing different than a burglar.

    Secondly, not to create racism here but so far as many cases as seen, all the dog catching mastermind are Muslim. Little did any of them come from other religions… Dog is also a living creature that requires love and care. It is a believe that religions are here to guide, teach, and lead human to be right. Where is the moral? Gone? Or perhaps religions now teaching people to catch dog and caged them from freedom.

    Thirdly, dogs are natural creature that has strong sense of loyalty and goodness. If you have no bad intention, rest assured the dogs will not bite you. If you have suspicious intention, the dogs will bark. If you do bad, haha you seen much how the police work with the dogs in the movies. So, why can’t dog stay in freedom as long as there are people who is kind enough to provide them with good foods and shelters. Why must catch them and caged them?

    Dogs are like my family – if you catch a street dog, it means you catch my family. If you say dogs are not allowed to lingered around the street, it means my family members are not allowed to walk around in streets. Fine, in this case, if I see your kids walking around the streets without the parents along with them, then I will be the “catcher” to catch them and caged them. Happy? This is kidnap right? So what is the judgement as the dog catcher’s doing.

    Often I received notice from the Majlis Perbandaraan compound me for RM250 to RM1000 for keeping excessive dogs in my house. I respect the fine and pay them. Afterall, I am only allowed to keep 2 dogs max in my house (semi D). This is the correct way of doing things. Then I slowly find some kindhearted onwer to adopt my extra dogs. If there is a good law in the country, why not make use of it? Why need to hire dog catcher? Unless the government is telling me that the law is corrupted? Or perhaps, the government is corrupted?

    Afterall, the dogs are wandering around the streets all because of the government. They keep on killing forest, exploiting lands, and selling the land to stupid foreign country buyer to develop… all the government actions caused the lost of living places for these dogs. Today is dogs, tomorrow is monkey, tiger, elephant, or what else until all the animals extint! I wonder how much the goverment swallow from these investors.

    To dog lover, is time we stand together and voice our concern of their wrong doings. Otherwise, your dog and mine would stressed to death one day if these dog catchers still exist.

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    I’ve seen some dog catching in Bandar Bukit Puchong,Jalan BP 5.We have problems with cats roaming around in our rooms too sometimes.Can I know how does the authority deal with this ? Cats poos were in my balcony too.Where should I report this to ?

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