WAGisode #2: SpenDOGholics


Wagisode #2 – SpenDOGholics

My throat is sore, my bum is sweating and there seems to be an additional ten years added to my actual age right now.

Samba and Steve, as much as I love them, have been playing for the last half an hour and have succeeded in every way to make my heart climb out of my throat.I’m sure I’m over reacting and they’re just being dogs but there have been too many “accidents” now! I don’t quite understand how they get so carried away in what feels like the blink of an eye… it gets so out of hand so fast, it’s like we are in a war zone.

So. Here I am. Same as every other night… watching extra cautiously for any signs that they might get too carried away again. I’ve screamed so many times, I don’t actually think they care anymore.

I wonder sometimes if they realize how much stress I go through each time they end up fighting and bite through skin (sometimes it is my skin, from trying to break them up!) I have even lost count of how much money has been put into the trips to the vet… if anyone has any idea how to make them play nicely and politely, please share.

I am getting the feeling they are deliberately trying to make me nervous… or spend my cash… or both!

Oh thank God… they’ve stopped for a minute. I am exhausted!

Still love them to bits though :) .



Sabrina Saw, Menari Machine

I spend my life, very fortunately, being able to do what I love every single day. When I'm not coaching or choreographing, I'm working on various types of projects. I love my job (if I can even call it a "job"!) and I love what I do but at the end of the day, NOTHING beats the furry welcome of my best friends. All of my dogs were strays and they are all incredibly individual in their personalities. Although I am away from my family who are back home in Hong Kong, my dogs are my family here. I wish more people would adopt and give these amazing animals loving homes!

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