Squizzle Time!


purrrrrr.....more please.......prrrrrrr

Me with the male pet, getting squizzles

It’s raining efurry day and as it’s too wet for cats to go outside and play, I am spending lots of time with the pets.

I am also pleased to tell you that my Campaign For Domination gas taken a turn for the better following the disastrous time when I tried to get the pets to open the door for a post midnight stroll.

I have discovered a Sure-Fire Way to get Squizzles!

There is nothing better than squizzles! The feel of fingers rubbing your neck and chin fur is better than steak. Well almost better. Say, as good as.

The trick is this: wait till your pet lies down on the sofa, then hop up and lie firmly on his or her stomach.

Note: Male pets are flat all over which means you can really sprawl whereas female pets have wobbly bits that are nice to nestle in between but it can be a bit warm on the ears – it’s your choice.

Once you are In Place, say, “Meow” in your best kitten voice and purr. The pet will then say, “Awwwww!” and will squizzle you for hours.

Honest, it’s that easy! Try it and see!

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Ellen Whyte

Ellen Whyte was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since then she's lived in Scotland, Spain, Indonesia and Malaysia. She read psychology at Stirling University but that hasn't helped her gain the upper hand in her dealings with her cat companions. She began writing fulltime about 15 years ago and considers herself extremely lucky to be able to make a career out of a hobby.

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