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Introducing PetFinder.my’s mission for Year 2013 PetProjects!

There is only so much (or, so little) that each of us can achieve individually. However, the combined potential of all passionate animal welfare warriors is limitless. There are countless dedicated, intelligent, skillful and creative people out there, and together we can certainly make a significant impact with the ideas and visions.

PetFinder.my aims to assist and nurture these brilliant minds into a mature community of animal welfare champions that would passionately improve the living conditions and welfare of pets. We hope to set the stage for better collaboration, uniting like-minded individuals to effectively address the pressing animal welfare issues.

As a matured platform, PetFinder.my can offer assistance via one or more of the following means:
a) Provide guidance on project management, networking and technology
b) Promotions & marketing support through our website, social media and mobile channels
c) Financial subsidy via transparent online public funding

Assistance will be provided on a project basis. And yes, these projects are named what else but.. PetProjects — literally, and figuratively. These PetProjects would be showcased to hundreds of thousands of animal lovers across Malaysia, leveraging on our multi-channel platform to jump start the effort, increase awareness, receive better participation and public support.

Each PetProject would need to address one or more of the following missions:
a) Pet Adoption & Rescue
b) Education & Awareness
c) Sterilization & Stray Population Control
d) Animal Shelter
e) General Animal Welfare
f) Enhancement of PetFinder.my platform

There are no hard and fast rules on what a PetProject must be. You tell us whats in your mind, and let your creativity flow. Skys the limit.

As a guideline, below are possible implementations of PetProjects:

  • Charity events promoting one or more of the above missions
  • Educational efforts, i.e. publications, talks, roadshows
  • Website, social media, online or mobile campaigns
  • Stray pet sterilization & management within local communities
  • Awareness campaigns via mass media

Each PetProject is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Due to the wide range of topics, the criteria and requirements will undoubtedly vary across projects.

There are, however, a number of basic Terms & Conditions that need to be taken into account:

  • PetProject must be completely non-profit, and proceeds if any should go to approved charities
  • Project plan must be presented detailing the objectives, scope, location, personnel, costs and timeframe
  • Project team with at least one member active in animal welfare is preferred
  • Applicant may be required to meet up for further discussion and analysis of project
  • PetProjects qualifying for financial subsidy must submit original receipts on subsidizable items
  • PetProject must properly credit PetFinder.my as Charity Project Partner on all official materials, both online and offline
  • PetFinder.my retains sole discretion on approval of PetProjects, without need of providing rejection reasons

If you are game on initiating an exciting PetProject and wish to play a role in improving the animal welfare scene, do get in touch with us with your plans.

Wait no more. Thousands of lives are needing your help. Take your first step, now.



Andy Koh

Founder of PetFinder.my. A left-brained wired dude by day, and a right-brained music producer by night. Strongly believes in leveraging technology to enhance the lives and welfare of animals. Loves animals more than humans. Most of his communications are between him, computers and furry creatures. And perhaps a few monosyllable caveman grunts with Homo sapiens.

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