Dr Veeranoots Cat-Family Is Finally Adopted From PAWS!


Great news to end the year, folks!!

This story goes back one-and-a-half years when Dr Veeranoot decided to rescue a pregnant mother-cat off the streets in Section 17, PJ, on one rainy day. The mother-cat, later named Kwanjit, gave birth to SIX beautiful kittens over two days: http://myanimalcare.org/2011/02/27/six-not-four-kittens-for-kwanjit-and-still-counting/.

Dr Veeranoot loved them dearly and provided love, care, safety and good nutrition for them. But soon, her government quarters was taken away and she had to move to an apartment. The neighbours were not happy with her cats and put in complaints.

We helped put the kittens up for adoption but alas, they were mostly jet-black or black-and-white (like Cow & Indy) and these are the hardest to rehome.


Finally and sadly, Dr Veeranoot rehomed them to a sanctuary, but weeks later, discovered they were not cared for properly. She took them all back.

Her next option was PAWS and the whole family has been there for about six months now. Dr Veeranoot goes in at least three times a week to visit and care for them. You can read all about it in her account below.

And as we always say, the Universe has eyes and the Universe provides.

Kwanjit and family (yes, black and black-and-white) will be adopted from PAWS to a loving home very soon. And the best news is, they will be adopted together and will now have a safe and loving forever home…forever!

Here is Dr Veeranoot’s sharing:

From:Veeranoot Nissapatorn
Date: Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 6:33 PM
Subject: Re: your family at PAWS
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear Sis Chan,

Kwanjits family in PAWS- an Update

27th December, 2012
Dear Sis Chan,
It is an eye opener for me when I finally made the decision to
choose PAWS as the home for Kwanjit and 6 of her children. I had no
prior experience being in close contact with animals housed in
shelter, home, sanctuary, etc. I am very grateful to Mr Edward,
manager of PAWS for taking in Kwanjit and her family, and more
importantly, PAWS still allows me to visit them at any time.
Time flies, Kwanjit and her children have stayed happily in PAWS
for almost 6 months. I have been to and fro PAWS at least 3 times a
week due to my own responsibility towards Kwanjit and her family as a
promise to them. As PAWSs policy, I have been able to assist them to
stay comfortably by sponsoring for all their needs. During hours of
visiting Kwanjit in PAWS, I started my day with them by cleaning their
cubicles esp. cat litter and floor, preparing their foods (mixed of
can foods, boiled chicken and wheatgrass), and grooming/comforting
session after their meals. It is very rewarding to see how they move
on with their lives in PAWS with good health in this friendly
environment. I always ensure Kwanjit that I will visit them whenever I
am free and wish them Be well and happy before I left PAWS.
I generally think that by treating animals well, we humans will
also be well and particularly think that by helping other animals in
the same environment that how I can help and protect Kwanjits
family. To achieve this motion, I have therefore set up “Basic
Medical Assistance to Animals in Need” with a few objectives: 1). To
encourage more committed volunteers to help animals in other similar
shelters, homes or sanctuaries. 2). To keep the animals healthy so
that they will have better chances to be adopted by responsible public
3). To raise public awareness in donating generously to these NGOs for
animals. For example, if everyone is willing to donate just RM 1,
then 100 people will be RM 100, 1,000 people will be RM 1,000 and so
on. These shelters will then not be overburdened and they will be able
to help/maintain more of these stray animals, and 4). To serve and to
protect the well-being of this so called unfortunate animals.
-DieWell by Living Well—
I take this activity seriously and I was granted to continue this
volunteer work after this issue was highlighted at one of our monthly
meetings in my working place. This work has been carried out to serve
animals at least three times a week in PAWS if there is no other
working responsibilities and I can continue this social engagement
during weekend if I am free to do so.
I am extremely happy to inform you that Kwanjit and her children
are going to join with their new family offered by a BEAUTIFUL&KIND
HEARTED ADOPTER who is willing to open her arms to welcome them to her
loving home. I am truly grateful for this heavenly sent opportunity
to. My dear Kwanjit. This is a blessing moment of the year that I
could not ask for more. This family was started from a rescued single
pregnant mother, another 6 more lives were saved, then 7 of these
precious lives were with me, all of them move on to PAWS, and finally,
Kwanjit and her family will take one more journey to reach their
forever destination. It is very amazing, isnt it?
Kwanjits legacy is a happy ending because of all your sincere and
constructive advices throughout these 2 years since Kwanjit was
rescued. I always remember on how you gave me instruction during
Kwanjits maternity period. I have also learnt many invaluable
lessons/experiences through your AnimalCares blog. I am truly

Thank you very much.
Sukhi Hotu!

Kwanjit, Thong-kon and Panda, waiting for their meals.

Kwanjit after her meal.

Panda, these beds were given by Aunty Julie Pek.

Thong-dee, Thong-poon, Thong-yib enjoying their meals.

Thong-kon and Panda, eating wheatgrass.

Pancake and Thong-dee relaxing after a meal.

Thong-yip with wheatgrass.

Basic medical assistance sponsored by Kwanjit and her family.

We rejoice with Dr Veeranoot on the happy news and we wish Kwanjit and her family all the very best!!

And of course, thank you very, very much to the kind adopter for giving the whole family a loving home.

The Universe provides…when the time is right.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/12/28/dr-veeranoots-cat-family-is-finally-adopted-from-paws/




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