The Kinabalu Climb Has Begun!!


If you’d still like to donate, it’s ongoing and still open!

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(AnimalCare Society Petaling Selangor)

First morning update from Hillary’s father at 6.13am:

All climbers got up at 5am to get ready for breakfast at 7am. It is drizzling at this stage at 6am and all of us are praying hard the rain would stop before we commence the climb at 8am. The spirits of the 4 teenage climbers are high! We may have to wait for an hour or so until the rain stops. The first leg is 6km from Mersilau to Laban Rata where we will take a rest to prepare for the second leg climb to the top which will start on Saturday at 2am.

Updates at 9.04am:

We started at 8.40am. Now at 9am, we are at the 0.5km point!

Updates at 9.33am:

We are at the 1km point now. Time 9.15am. Sun is out but weather is still very cloudy!

Updates at 10.38am:

We are now at the 2.5km near the waterfall. Beautiful!!

Updates at 11.03am:

We have passed the 3km waterfall point now and the four teens are doing very well!

Updates at 12.34pm:

We are at the 4.5km point now. 2km more to go to reach Laban Rata. Terrain is very steep now!

Updates at 1.02pm:

Reached the 5km point. Stopping for lunch!

Updates at 2.49pm:

At the 6km point now. 2km more to reach Laban Rata!

Updates at 4.03pm:

We are now 3000m above sea level! 1km more to reach Laban Rata.

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/12/28/the-kinabalu-climb-has-begun/




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