Eukanuba: Strong Bones For An Active Life


Nutrition plays a vital role in bone and joint development and maintenance throughout a dog’s life.

Nutrition, tailored to breed size with the correct balance of energy and nutrients, can help support strong bones and healthy joints for an active life.

Did You Know?
A dog has an extraordinary amount of bones in his body- 321 versus 206 in humans. Eukanuba formulas are tailored for his particular needs and include many nutrients that have the potential to affect his bone and joint health.


Strong bones during development

The variety in the size of dogs mean they have vastly different growth rates. Mature adult dogs can range from 1kg to 90kg.

This means that a large or giant breed puppy has an extremely rapid growth rate when compared to a small breed puppy. Giant breed puppies born weighing 0.5kg can easily gain 70kg within the first 18 months of life 1

Joint nutrients

Nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate occur naturally in the body and are building blocks of healthy cartilage. When contained in a dogs diet, they can help
support healthy joints by constantly replenishing the nutritional reservoir for normal cartilage maintenance.


Clinically proven performance

  • Eukanuba contains optimal energy and calcium levels to help promote good bone development.
  • Eukanuba formulas have Omega 6 and Omega 3fatty acids at a ratio of 5-10:1 to support healthy joint cartilage.
  • Eukanuba formulas contain natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.



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