Drumrolll..the ARMY GREEN Colour!!


Finally….the supplier was so accommodating, they mixed six army green shades and 2 cobalt blues for us to choose from!

Here they are….


Hmm…now, they seem to look almost the same, but no, they are all quite different.

So, we took it out into the sun to get a better and sharper look…

To be fair, the priority is Army Green as it won by one vote (remember?) and the two shades of cobalt blue weren’t nice too.

I thought no 560 (covered by the supplier’s thumb) was nice, actually….

But we thought Vincent should decide….well, since Vincent is our Chief of Security.

(Don’t tell Mr Zurik, please!)


Vincent took the task quite seriously and was more in favour of the”olive” army green!


002 it is then!

I hope all of you will support our tshirt, wear it and promote the message of going meatless once a week!

You know, Vincent has an eye for colour as 002 is the closest to the mock-up!



The shade “002″ is like the one in this male mock-up. But I’m slightly colour-blind, so…

When will it be ready?

Give it at least a month, please, as it’s a new tshirt and the film has to be made.


By the way, the grey tshirt is already in progress….design? Wait, wait!! It’s called “Animal Crossing”!

I’m SO excited because it’s coming soon. Maybe it can be a Hari Raya tshirt as it’s got a real nice meaningful message too!

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/08/01/drumrolll-the-army-green-colour/




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