Here you see one of the little ones arriving at the airport to be taken to the Lwiro Primate Center.



A real clamor erupted at the Lwiro Primate Center in Congo when Beni and Mbandaka arrived. All the other residents of the nusery ward wanted to be the first to hold the new babies.

The other infants all fought over the new little ones and who would get to carry them around, explains volunteer Rebecca Jones. In particular, Lulinga (a 5 year old female) takes care of the new baby Mbandaka and carries her around on her back just like a mother chimpanzee would. She also sleeps with Mbandaka every night while Beni preferred to sleep with a human keeper.

Today, we’re helping all the chimpanzees here in the most extraordinary ways and you can too!

$20: Enrichment treats for the infant chimpanzee group

$30: Workers gather dried banana leaves as bedding for three chimpanzees

$42: Feed one chimpanzee for a whole month

$50: Sponsor a nanny, formula, diapers and veterinary tests for an infant chimpanzee for a week

$70: One month’s pay for an essential animal care worker

$97: Gives complete care to one chimpanzee for a whole month

$170: Provides a month’s formula for all the infant chimpanzees at one rescue center

$200: Complete veterinary care at one primate rescue center for a month

$450: Repairs to climbing structures and plumbing

$1,000: Average cost of one complete chimpanzee rescue (varies depending on distance from rescue centers and other variables)

Donate on our website at http://animalrescuechase.com/donation/chimps-in-congo.html

Source: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=602401299783186&set=a.602397956450187.1073741831.109342202422434&type=1&relevant_count=1



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