Neutering Sponsorship For 4 TNRM Cats (Koo Swee Pors)


We have fully sponsored RM325 for the neutering of these 4 TNRM cats in Taman Tun, managed by Koo Swee Por.

The breakdown is as follows:

Lovely (male cat) RM60
Tux (male cat) RM60
Bella (female cat) RM125 (the additional RM25 is from Mr Kok Khee Wee)
VATgirl (female cat) RM80

The RM300 is from all donors through our Medical Fund (RM100) and Berjaya Cares (RM200).

From:TTDI Koo
Date: Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 12:15 PM
Subject: Application for neutering subsidies for Lovely, VATgirl, Bella & Tux
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Dear Dr Chan,

Firstly, thank you very much to AnimalCare for agreeing to provide the
neutering subsidies for the stray cats as part of my neighbourhood
TNRM program. I have posted the completed subsidy forms, original
receipts and other necessary documents. The following are the cases
that I wish to apply for:

1) Lovely <picture reference: Lovely1.jpg>
On 9 June 2013, a resident feeder asked for my help to neuter the cat
colony on a residential road which include Lovely a stray male cat
whose mother was pregnant. The feeder helped to catch Lovely on 22
July 2013 for me to keep overnight for fasting. On the following day,
I took him to the vet clinic for neutering and was discharged on the
same day. I kept him overnight to let him recover from his grogginess
and release him the next day in the presence of his mother cat and
happy feeder. Thus, I would like to apply for a neutering subsidy for
Lovely’s case.

2) VATgirl <picture reference: VATgirl.jpg>
Expanding my TNRM neighbourhood project from the residential backlanes
into public spots within my taman, I started discussing with the OCS
(Officer in charge of Police Station). I explained about my TNRM
neighbourhood project and asked for his permission to survey and catch
any cats within the vicinity of the police station where I’m sure that
a few police personnel would feed any cats whom should be ‘protected’
from the local council’s animal catchers. After some clarification, he
agreed to my proposal and together with a resident feeder, I surveyed
the police station on 20 July 2013 and surprisingly, we could only
find one stray female cat whom I named as VATgirl. On 22 July 2013, we
trapped VATgirl for an overnight stay at my place for fasting. On the
next day, she was brought to the vet clinic but just before surgery
after she was under anesthesia and her belly shaved, the vet
discovered a surgical line which he was “95%” sure that VATgirl has
already been spayed and proceeded to just notch her ear. This is why I
would rather work with feeders who can share about the history of
their stray cats especially whom is spayed or not. This is my first
foray into a public area and my first cat turned out to be already
spayed. I’m already doing my best to educate and promote on the
purpose and benefits of ear-notching after spaying female cats to any
neighbours and fellow residents who feed the strays. Thus, I would
like to apply for a neutering subsidy as the vet still had to charge
on the medication and anesthesia used which couldn’t be waived.

3) Bella <picture reference: Bella1.jpg>
On 18 June 2013, a resident feeder informed of a stray pregnant cat
who has delivered in a pet shop who doesn’t sell pets. She adopted two
of the kittens once the litter grew old enough and wanted my help to
spay the stray cat whom she named as Bella. I visited the pet shop to
view Bella and talked to the shop workers who agreed to the spaying
but wanted to Bella to be first fattened up and fully recover from her
delivery. On 24 July 2013, I took Bella to fast her overnight at my
place before taking her to the vet clinic the next day to be spayed.
However, during surgery, the vet found her uterus to be thick and
found that she was unexpectedly on heat. As a result, the surgical
line was longer than usual but the spaying was successful and her ear
was duly notched. The initial plan was to release her back to the
streets but I’ve decided to put her back to the pet shop for longer
recovery and free adoption. Thus, I would like to apply for a
neutering subsidy for Bella’s case.

4) Tux <picture reference: Tux1.jpg>
On 26 July 2013, I went to talked to the elderly Chinese maid / feeder
about her backlane stray cats. I found out that another nearby feeder
has moved out and although she has taken the majority of the cat
colony with her, there were a few others left behind who now goes to
the remaining feeder for food. Unfortunately, the feeder only has dog
food for the resident dog and she has been feeding the cats with it. I
briefed her of the lack of taurine in dog food and bought cat food for
her to be fed to the backlane cat colony and assured her of regular
cat food supply from me. I’m also starting to feed the stray cats to
win their trust so that I could catch them and bring them to the vet
clinic for spaying or neutering. The first cat to be caught from this
backlane colony is a young male whom I named Tux. He was caught on 26
July 2013 for an overnight stay at my place for fasting and brought to
the vet clinic on the next day for neutering and discharged on the
same day. After another overnight stay at my place to let him recover
from the anaesthetic effect, he was released the next day back to the
colony. Thus, I would like to apply for a neutering subsidy for Tux’s

Thank you for your kind consideration and best regards,







Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/08/01/neutering-sponsorship-for-4-tnrm-cats-koo-swee-pors/




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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