The Purpose Of Charity Auctions And Blanket No. 4 (already) In The Making!


My parents are both staunch believers in never wasting time. Perhaps that rubbed off on me (which I’m truly thankful for!).

So, as Blanket No. 3 is up for auction as we speak (so to speak!), mum wants to start on Blanket No. 4 and I was there today to help her match the colours.

A stitch in time saves nine, hence, time is precious! Never waste time, never procrastinate. What can be done today must be done today. I am glad I have lived up to that though I must say that my speed of doing things is nowhere near that of my parents’!

Take a look…


The next one will probably be a combo of these colours.

Look at mum’s special ruler. She has all the necessary tools to ensure precision of measurement.


She has prepared all these designs.


My job is to colour-match….only.

And we have planned a special blanket too….it’s special, so it shall be kept “special” until it’s ready. I’m going to help stitch this “special” blanket (if I can thread the needle, that is and on days where I don’t have to write and compile too many subsidy reports!). The special blanket will be auctioned off too, but it will take a while as it involves more work.

The purpose of charity auctions is to help raise as much funds as possible for the charity (and in our case, every sen goes to the animals). We hear of a piece of driftwood being auctioned for thousands just because Van Gogh had touched it before, or Tom Hank’s favourite sweatshirt (laundered, I hope!) auctioned for thousands, all for charity. Well, we don’t have any famous personalities contributing their baby bottles, ballet shoes or favourite cowboy hat (!), so my mum sews blankets. She does this very happily and excitedly, especially when I tell her how the bidding is progressing and how some readers write in requesting certain colours as they would like to bid for the next one.

For example, today someone wrote in with a special request for a certain picture to be on the blanket. Mum went out to town and managed to find the cloth with that particular picture! But when this blanket is ready for auction, the person who requested it would still have to bid for it…fair and square. And if at the very last moment, someone else beats him/her to it, well, that’s the way auctions are. Try again the next round?

So, all bidding is done fair and square and most importantly, in the spirit of goodwill and FUN!

The keyword here is FUN.

My mum herself is having so much fun making the blankets and keeping tabs on the bids (I inform her by sms). Each time a bid comes in, she is so happy and she tells me to thank the bidder for appreciating her work.

I think those who participate in charity auctions do so with one intention – to raise funds for that charity. It doesn’t matter whether we “win” or “lose”. At the end of the day, it is the charity that wins, and all participants go home happily having contributed to a good cause and joined in the fun.

So, just as my mum is having fun making the blankets, we hope all bidders and observers (!) in the blog will also join in the process in the spirit of fun and appreciate what charity auction is all about.

May the highest bidder “win”!

May the spirit of goodwill and fun prevail in all that we do!

Bidding for Blanket No. 3 ends at 2pm tomorrow!

Will it be your blanket?

Ultimately, it’s all for the animals, folks!

Happy Bidding!

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/09/05/the-purpose-of-charity-auctions-and-blanket-no-4-already-in-the-making/




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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