BMS Organics Adopts Meat-Free Mondays And Fridays!


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Meat Free Monday
Going vegetarian is equal to go green, why?click here!Going vegetarian is good for health too. Therefore, we encourage our customers, staff and everyone to go vegetarian at least once a week on Monday! By promoting this at our retail outlets, poster signing activities, even talks & seminars, we hope we can do something for mother earth with our efforts.

Meat Free Office on Monday & Friday
An activity in the office that was initiated years ago to encourage our colleagues to go meatless for a day. One reason is for their own health and the other for the health of mother earth. By reducing the consumption of meat, we can reduce the cruelty of having to consume animals.

Our simple message:

green meatless

Or maybe, twice a week?

Meatless Monday and Meatless Friday – compassionate eating in the beginning and the end of each week!

Source: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/09/06/bms-organics-adopts-meat-free-mondays-and-fridays/




AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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