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Angela Norton of Michigan reports on what she and her huband did to help a fallen nest of blue jays.

“We didn’t quite know what to do but knew we had to do something quickly. So I found a basket in the basement and put some Spanish moss in it. Then we put the Blue Jay nest (with the babies in it) in the basket and hung the basket in the tree in the front yard where the babies’ parents could get to it. They were chirping quite loudly so it didn’t take long for the parents to find them.

The parents of the babies were squawking raucously at first but then settled down to feed and care for the babies. They stayed in the basket nest for about two weeks then they started leaving the nest and walking up the branches of the tree. Pretty soon all the babies had left the nest and were starting their first flights. We were pretty happy with the outcome. The babies (now grown) still hang out in the tree and feed from our bird feeders in the front yard. ”

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Source: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=618887544801228&set=a.135131043176883.16781.109342202422434&type=1&relevant_count=1



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The Great Animal Rescue Chase celebrates the art of animal rescue with a worldwide race to rescue one million. It’s a free event, open to all, and is perhaps the only global animal rescue event aimed at helping any animal in distress, anywhere in the world. Our ambition is to create a culture of enthusiasm and pride in animal activism. We believe in teaching, by example, that there is a hero in each of us just waiting to be unleashed. Empowered animal lovers can not only save lives, but build the momentum for powerful animal welfare reform.

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