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Merrick - Whole Health Made Right

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Merrick - Whole Health Made Right

From Farm to Bowl, using fresh, regional ingredients is a better approach. We select the highest quality ingredients from American farmers and ranchers throughout the four seasons of the year. Buying from family farms across the American heartland has several advantages. Not only do we support local communities, but also freshness and food safety. With fewer distributors, handlers, and warehouses, ingredients get to us faster from the farm. When you know where your food comes from and who grows it, you know a lot more about that food.

Because we have set this standard for ourselves, Merrick foods contain no ingredients from China – no foods, no vitamins, no minerals.

Are the ingredients in your pet’s food Farm Fresh? Ours are.

Merrick - Whole Health Made Right

Food in its purest state – unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives – is the best tasting and most nutririous food available.

REAL MEATS: A generous combination of beef, chicken, duck, pork, chicken meal, turkey meal, salmon meal and lamb meal supply amino acids which built hair, skin, nails, muscles and tendons. Animal-based proteins contain all the essential amino acids dogs need and have higher digestibility than plant proteins.

HEALTHY FATS: Healthy fats are an important compenent of a dogs diet to provide a concentrated source of energy for storage and utilization and supply of essential fatty acids that are not synthesized by the dog’s metabolic system. Two types of fatty acids most recognized for the health of dogs, especially their skin and coat, are Omega-3 and Omega-6.

VEGGIES, FRUITS + WHOLE GRAINS: Vegetables, fruits and whole grains contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are beneficial to the dog by enhancing overall nutrition including gut health which is essential for absorption of nutrients and immune system function.

Is your food pure, nutritious and delicious? Our is.

Merrick - Whole Health Made Right

It all starts right in our MERRICK Kitchen, where we put cooking and quality under one roof.

Our five-star foods exceed taste, health, and presentation ratings. How do we do this? We qualify every ingredient for freshness and quality before we accept it into our facilities.

Second, we create recipes that appeal to the human and pet palate. Third, we make small batches so we can keep an eye on everything. Fourth, we ensure every meal delivers the balance of nutrients guaranteed on the label. Fifth, we carefully test every finished recipe to confirm quality food safety standards are met. Then we feed to our “kitchen crew.” Dog tasted. Dog approved.

Our five-star kitchen and manufacturing facilities uphold strict guidelines well defined by the FDA. We continue to further enhance our food safety performance and quality management systems by partnering with NSF Cooke and Thurber, (SQF) Safe Quality Food, and HACCP.

At Merrick, we put quality and cooking under one roof. Our roof.

Merrick - Whole Health Made Right

Dogs thrive on quality protein and fat which is why every one of our recipes starts with a deboned meat as the first ingredient. In our dry recipes, meat and meat meals are the first, second and third ingredients.

We believe that food is fuel, not filler. To balance our dry nutrition, our dry recipes lead with 60-70% meat, poultry and fish ingredients. After cooking, each bowl has 30-38% guaranteed levels of protein. Then we add just the right amount of vegetables, whole grains and fruit to give every dog more of what they need and less of what they don’t. Taking it a step further, we have foods with no grains for dogs who have food allergies and sensitivities. We offer grain-free recipes with novel protein sources of buffalo, duck and pork. Every one of our can recipes are grain-free.

Many other leading products have lower protein levels and increase carbohydrates to keep their recipe costs down.

Does your pet’s food offer the best balance of nutrition? Ours does.

Merrick - Whole Health Made Right

OPTIMAL WEIGHT AND INCREASED ENRGY: Industry leading levels of protein and healthy fats support optimal weight and increased energy.

HEALTHY SKIN AND SHINNY COAT: Industry leading levels of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat.

HEALTHY BONES AND JOINTS: Industry leading levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate supports healthy bones and joints.

HEALTHY DIGESTIVE TRACT: Highly digestble meat proteins, peas, apples and blueberries support and improve digestive function.

Can you “see” how healthy your dog is from the nutrition you feed? We can.

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