Blessings Under Rainbow Bridge


Blessings under Rainbow Bridge


Have you ever felt heartbroken for losing your family members or animals?  My mother passed away months ago and I have also lost “Dou Dou”, my seventeen-year-old Pomeranian a few years ago, and the pain from parting really hurts.


Even though I understand well the cycle of living and dying, I will always feel helpless at the moment when I truly have to face death, I do not know what to do but pray, asking God to take care of their souls. If brightness comes after dark and rainbow appears after the rain, in fond memories of our loved ones under the rainbow bridge, we also witness the memoirs and love left behind by our beloved persons or animals.


On the other side of Rainbow Bridge, do you know I miss you endlessly?


Looking at the stars above the sky, twinkling and sparkling they say……….


“It is always the greatest blessings for animals to have good owners who take care of them and let them savor love during their life. Do you have any idea how many animals die daily? Do you know how many of them suffer each day before they turn into food for humans? If you do aware, you’ll then be able to realize how sad and how little like a dust their whole life can be. Animals contribute greatly to the world but human do not seem to feel thankful for what they have done for us. They are not devoting money but their life and their love to us. However, human beings never cherish the treasure from them . Metaphorically, the lives of animals are just like rain, constantly cleansing and nourishing mankind, then falling onto the ground and spreading all over this piece of land.    


The circle of life shall be endless and shall always be respected, and an animal is very well blessed if they receive love from their human owners during their life, and as human, we shall not be too upset for their departure. Rather, we shall be thankful for the days we shared with our animals, for their coming into our life, and for all the footprints we marked together. We hope that our animals will enjoy eternal happiness in a different horizon, take our reminiscences and love with them, under the Rainbow Bridge, let their life glow and flourish again, and let them begin a new journey of life.  


Parting brings great pain and we all know that. However, this is something we have to experience in life. We all need to learn to let go, understand the fact that life comes and goes, feel thankful for what we have gained, and at the same time for what we have lost, then we will be able to cope with life as well as death. Remember the day when you came to the world that everyone had a smile on their face while you were the only one crying; and one day when you leave, everyone will be in tears while you laughingly part the world.  Death can be graceful and it is a blessing. Human mankind shall learn to face and put aside the fear for death. Rather, we shall learn to see it as a gracious beginning and not an end. On the contrary, reborn follows death, humans or animals are all given the chance to experience life in our mortal flesh, we come to this world to learn about loving and letting go. When we are done with our days on earth, comes the time we bring our glory home and return to the arms of God.


The world is a harmonic integration of living creatures and extends with peace and love. One can truly live up to the beauty of life when one’s life is devoted to nourish the growth of others and spent to affect other lives. Not living one’s life to the fullest is far more frightening than death.”     


The twinkle stars in the sky not only prompted me to give serious thoughts for the issue of death, but also helped me understand the value of each creature living on earth. When it is time for them to leave, I thank them for coming into my life, appreciate their companionship, and send them my deepest blessings. Despite separated by the Rainbow Bridge, the love we share continue to enlighten each other’s life.


Right now, I live my life fully, and You?  


Author : Lolita Yiu     

Translation : English Translation by Willa Wong ???????

Source: http://zeuscommunications.blogspot.com/2013/11/blessings-under-rainbow-bridge.html



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