Eukanuba: Lean Muscles For Healthy Mobility


Animal-based proteins are clinically proven to help promote strong, lean muscles1

The ability to move around freely means quality of life and is a sign of good health.

Nutrition plays a key role in maintaining a lean body mass to ensure a dog stays in good shape and enjoys an active life.

Did You Know?
Extraordinarily 40-57% of a dog’s body mass is muscle.2 Eukanuba formulas contain nutrients such as animal protein for lean muscle and L-carnitine for healthy weight.


Eukanuba ingredients – clinically proven to promote strong lean muscle

  • Animal-based proteins have been clinically proven to promote strong, lean muscles1
  • Animal-based proteins like those in Eukanuba contain a more complete amino acid profile3


Weight control


Clinically proven performance

  • Eukanuba uses high quality animal based proteins in our diets which maintain muscle mass and achieve optimal health.
  • L-carnitine, a natural fat burner – clinically proven to help burn fat.4
  • Eukanuba formulas provide 100% complete and balanced premium nutrition, which fed in conjunction with regular exercise encourages good




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