The Story Of Benson And Kurap (and Maybe, Mr Zurik Too)


It was in April that I was driving down my road where I noticed a bunny-coloured cat with a big injury on his left shoulder.

Although the injury looked very big, the cat was walking nonchalantly by the road, none the worse for his injury. I knew there was no way I could catch the cat and he didn’t look like he was suffering in any way too. The wound looked like it was already healing.

The next day, I went to look for him along that road and I found him!

His “large wound” appeared to have dried up very well. I was amazed. How can a street cat’s wound heal so fast?

This time, I had brought some food so I stopped my car and got down on the opposite side of the road. I walked up to him and shook the kibble jar.

He looked at me, then he jumped into the drain and ran off.

After a few days, I went to look for him again.

This time, I saw him sitting under a car with another pretty-looking white cat.


Can you see the injury on the shoulder?





…this orange-coloured cat came.

Oh dear…it sure looks like some bad skin problem that he has.


But they seemed to be friends – all three of them.

I approached again, with food, but all three jumped into the drain.

I gathered they don’t need anything from me, so I stopped going to look for them after that.

It has been more than one month that I hadn’t seen the bunny-coloured cat at all on this road.

Then, this evening, as I was driving down….oh my gosh, I saw the bunny-coloured cat!!

He was walking at the playground and HE LOOKED GOOD! I was so happy I fumbled with my phone and didn’t manage to take a close-up, but by the time I got hold of my camera….

b cat

 I managed to take this photo.

He not only looks good, but he looks very clean and the wound on the shoulder (of course!) has completely healed.

So maybe he is not a street cat, after all. Maybe he has a home (I certainly hope so).

Coincidentally, he stopped at Mr Zurik’s house (or least, we assume that’s Mr Zurik’s house because Mr Zurik always seems to come from this house and when he goes back, he always stops at this house and sneaks into the garden).

Yesterday, I spotted a small pregnant cat near Mr Zurik’s house too. It was already very late in the evening, but I quickly went back to get some kibbles and walked back to the cat, but by then, the cat had gone. Mr Zurik was sitting on a neighbour’s culvert and it appeared like Mr Zurik was preventing the little cat from coming up to our house.

Hmm…maybe Mr Zurik has another life at his place and maybe he is upset with something?

Anyway, I’ve decided to name the bunny-coloured cat “Benson” and his orange friend, “Kurap”. I hope Kurap has recovered too.

Three cheers for Benson – he looks well!

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AnimalCare is a registered society that promotes caregiving to street animals and helps in their neutering and medical needs. AnimalCare has a Medical Fund, Food Fund and Education Fund.

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