EVO: The Ancestral Diet, Evolved


Your dogs ancestors were designed by nature to hunt and thrive on a diet rich with the nutrition from animal proteins, not grains. Inspired by nature, EVOs authentic ancestral diet gives your dog the protein he or she needs to promote a lean, conditioned body. Nature designed your dogs diet. EVO perfected it.

The Evo Advantage

High Levels Of Protein
Premium-quality poultry, red meat or fish is always the 1st ingredient to help maintain lean muscle mass and provide vital nutrients like amino acids and essential minerals.

No Grain, Gluten or Potato Added
EVO formulas never contain added grains, gluten or potatoes. This strategy helps to maximize protein concentration while limiting carbohydrates.

Promotes Lean & Fit Body Conditioning
Our protein-rich, low carb approach helps maintain lean muscles and a healthy body weight.

Highly Digestable
High-quality ingredients maximize nutrient absorption and minimize waste.

Concentrated Nutrition = Small Servings
Packed with protein in every kibble, EVO is ultra-dense so your pet only needs a small amount to thrive.

Easy-To-Feed Raw Alternative
Our careful cooking process is designed to help preserve vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients.

Key Ingredients & Benefits


Feed To Achieve Ideal Body Condition

Remaining lean throughout life has been shown to increase both the quality and quantity of a pets life. EVO recommends using feeding guidelines as a starting point and adjusting the amount fed to maintain or achieve an ideal body condition.


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TEL: (60-3) 7804 7808 FAX: (60-3) 7804 7805





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