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Puppies – we always have puppies up for adoption as well as adult dogs. But they are – unlike those at pet shops/breeders that people will pay a few hundreds or thousands for each – not of any pedigree breed. They are mainly mongrels. We are often asked, where do all these so-called stray puppies come from? From the unsterilized street dogs we have not been able to catch they who avoid us like plague, who will only come out to grab the packet of food and run for their lives the minute we take one small step forward. Some will wag their tails from afar if we are lucky, others will just hide in one corner and wait for you to go off before emerging from their hiding area. Nonetheless, how can we bear to starve them? All they ask for, is food.


Project Industrial Dogs (PID) has been constantly on-going for years, whether we update about it or not. Over months and years, the street babies can easily recognize the sound of our car engines. So much so that when we change vehicles, we have to resort to repeatedly calling their names or nicknames for them to come out. Otherwise, rain or shine, they will be faithfully waiting at their factory gate or by the roadside greeting us. Needless to say, we try not to drive past when its not feeding day!

We are recently helping to rehome three puppies and thankfully, they are on the good-looking side and we hope we can find them homes soonest. Teddy and Snuggles (both boys) are still up for adoption and they are non-HDB approved. Do drop us a note if you can give them a permanent home.

This batch of puppies are lucky enough they do not look like the normal brown, black or black and tan mongrels we often see. Please do not be mistaken that we are biased or superficial, for many of our own volunteers have these brown, black or black and tan mongrels at home themselves as well. However, if the puppies do look better, it is much easier to get them adopted quickly. Some puppies/adult dogs might have excellent temperaments but they are often overlooked for looking too “ordinary”. Reality is frank but harsh, though we hate to admit this. It takes a genuine dog lover to look past their looks and choose them as a lifelong companion according to their temperament.
The next question will be, why are these street females still not spayed then? We dare say we have put in our very best effort with trapping but still, some remain elusive. Even dog catchers have cases they have not been able to resolve. While we are no professionals, we have no qualms spending a few weekends just attempting to catch that one female, for we know it will change her life forever.
Noah’s Ark are one of the few AWGs around that do the actual site work ourselves, so we do see for ourselves what is on the ground and what goes on beyond. We have often been asked to help other individual stray caregivers and we try our best to work with the practical humans. Sometimes, we get requests to “clear” an area and take in eight to ten dogs at one go. Due to complaints or moving of premises, many many reasons, valid or otherwise. Yes we do have a huge sanctuary NANAS over at JB behind us, which many see as a wonderful retirement sanctuary and/or one of the last few solutions out. But among us volunteers who have been caring for our own charges for so long, we also have to pick and choose who to send across the border as we cannot be overloading the sanctuary as well. NANAS has well over a thousand mouths to feed, and our debts run into five-digit figures monthly. It is not that easy to raise such a huge amount of money every month and we believe most AWGs are struggling like we do. Our founder Raymund often laments, The sanctuary is a curse at times. We know he might have said this in a fit of pique, but certainly with some truth within as well.
We are always in need of committed volunteers, who understand what we have been consistently doing and who genuinely want the better for the street animals. We are active both locally and in Malaysia, doing fundraising, education and rescue.
Noahs Ark is a society caring for 600 dogs, 300 cats, 10 horses and many other small animals please let us know how you can help the animals at the sanctuary. You may contribute your skills and assistance in the following locally:

     stray caregiving/feeding which entails trapping and site work also (which you might get extremely dirty with)
      fosterers for rescued dogs/cats
      roadshow volunteers
      sale of Noahs Ark annual calendars
      sale of merchandise
      let us know any other way/s you can help the animals

90% of the animals at the sanctuary have no caregivers they were given up, abandoned, abused by their ex-owners – the animals need all the help they can get from you to help care for them.

If you will sincerely like to join us to be part of our team, please drop us an email at noahsarkcares@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you! :)

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Noah's Ark Cares

Noah's Ark CARES (Companion Animal Rescue and Education Society) was formed in June 2005. The extended arm of Noah's Ark Lodge - Noah's Ark CARES aim is to reach out to Singaporeans and address the issue of abandoned pets and strays. Working in tandem with AVA and other animal welfare organizations, Noah's Ark CARES has embarked on several community-based projects aimed at re-educating the public and especially young children, our future generation.

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