BARF News: Detox Or Coincidental?


I’m not sure if it’s a detoxing effect or it was just coincidental, but three of our cats had sneezing episodes recently.

I did learn from the supplier, Coco&Joe, that BARF can sometimes initiate detoxification in the animals.

It started with Vincent – he began sneezing, but not badly. But then again, Vincent had his dental surgery so it could also be due to lowered immunity as a result of that?

Then, Ginger started sneezing not long after. Coincidentally again, this was a day after Ginger had that big scare (of his life) after being chased by the playful dog.

In between Tiger also started sneezing but only for a few times and only for less than 24 hours.

It could be detoxification.

All three are okay now. No vet’s visits required. Tiger only sneezed a bit, for less than a day. Ginger sneezed for two days. Vincent, for five days. The rest were all sneeze-free.


Mr Zurik is no longer angry with the BARF smell now. In fact, I think he might just want to try some, but I shall not push my luck…yet. He is willing to eat lunch with the rest (who are eating BARF). He is even willing to eat his kibble from the bowl that has some BARF on it. A wee bit.


Ginger stayed off BARF for the two days when he was sneezing and he’s back on BARF now.

A cat just knows what’s best for him/her.


Heidi eats BARF slowly, which is good, because when cats eat too fast, they might vomit later.


Vincent LOVES BARF and so do Daffodil and Rosie.

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2016/04/24/barf-news-detox-or-coinc..




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