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To all our Shark Hero FINtastic 2016 Runners, you guys were JAWsome for being there yesterday (Sunday, 16 October 2016) at Occupy Beach Street, Penang.

The WWF-Malaysia Family would like to thank you all for participating despite the heavy rain.

The positive energy and fun vibe all of you brought to the event, made it that much more JAWsome.

We observed many heartwarming stories during the day:

- We noticed Penang runners looking out for those from other states: directing them towards where to find shade during the heavy downpour, keeping them close and insisting they run together through the shaded route (rather than getting wet), and last but most importantly, telling them where the GOOD FOOD was during that time of day.

- We saw people smiling and laughing while running towards the finish line. Drenched in rain but high in spirit. Then, there were those few that saw the irony in ‘swimming’ pass the finish line. When asked, they said proudly with smiles plastered across their faces, “Well, sharks swim, dont they?”

- There were also some that said, “I’ve never had the chance to run in the rain, it was much more fun and cooling than running in the heat.”

- The children were possibly the most enthusiatic participants of the day, showing us that a little rain and wet grounds couldn’t dampen their spirits.

There are surely many more uplifting stories during the event that we may have missed.

If you have any that you would like to share, do message us on our My Fin My Life Facebook page so we can share it with everyone else.

For all the unforseen mistakes that may have arised, we apologize and promise to make it better during our next event.

Thank you for your support and your participation.

Now, you are all part of the WWF Shark Hero team. Welcome onboard!

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