Shelter Dogs Get Hotel VIP Treatment


Shelter Dogs Get Hotel VIP Treatment

The RSPCA recently took eight of its longest resident shelter dogs to the Egerton House Hotel for a day of pampering and relaxation.

Staffers wanted to get them out of the sometimes depressing shelter life and into a luxurious, swanky environment where they could truly feel like kings and queens for the day.

Shelter staff hoped that a day out of the shelter would help the dogs to relax, perhaps making them seem a little happier and a little more adoptable when potential families stopped by.

While at the hotel, the dogs were given the VIP treatment, with great food to eat, the comfiest surfaces to lounge on, and of course, lots and lots of love and care!

The dogs were also treated to a photo shoot from a professional photographer, in hopes that the gorgeous pictures will help entice people to adopt them.

The dogs loved every moment of it. Hopefully none of them will be waiting too much longer to finally find their forever homes!

(via TheDodo.com)

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