Vincent’s Setback


Yesterday was not exactly a good day for Vincent.

After his fidgeting subcut, he also vomited under our bed. However, I did not get to see this vomit or examine its contents because our part-time cleaner was here and she cleared it up. When she informed me, I asked her and she said it was “banyak”.

Earlier on, I already noticed that Vincent was not keen in eating the raw food with the renal kibble (dry-blended) powder sprinkled on it. But The vet had said he should eat it because there are some essential nutrients in it that he needs, so she suggested that I dry-blend the kibble and sprinkle it on Vincent’s food.

I have been doing that for a few days now. Vincent was willing to eat it.  But yesterday, he didn’t want to and I didn’t listen to him. So, he was forced to eat it since I didn’t offer anything else.

I should have listened to Vincent.

Now, despite the kibble-powder, Vincent was still going out to lick rocks.

After the under-the-bed-afternoon “banyak” vomit, Vincent did not come downstairs.

I brought some canned food up to him in the late afternoon, which he ate.

By late evening, he came downstairs, only to go out to the patio. Yes, to find rocks to lick again.

I also found him here, at my “kah lau” leaf patch. Oh, oh, there is soil here which he could eat.

I stopped him from licking rocks, so he drank water instead. Lots of it too.

I know Vincent wants to go out, but we just cannot risk that happening.

He still pees at this spot, but there are no more soil “gaps” ever since we filled it up with more pebbles.

Then, Vincent went upstairs and suddenly, we heard the loud sound of gagging. We rushed upstairs and found Vincent staring at a massive amount of vomit. It was mostly water but there was shredded meat as well. The vomit covered a large area, but I think it was because of the water. The amount of food wasn’t that big.

Took us some time to clean everything up and Vincent felt really bad.

Poor boy, it is not your fault, don’t worry, it’s not.

He came down much later and I offered him canned food only. Just plain and simple shredded chicken (Cindy’s). And only a small amount. I really wished he would be able to keep this amount down.

I’m really worried about vomiting because vomiting, diarrhoea and the inability to urinate are the signs of really end-stage kidney failure.

If this vomiting was induced by the dry-blended kibble or the eating of soil, then it’s not so worrying.

Vincent was able to keep last night’s food down (thank goodness!) and this morning, he had a good breakfast of Cindy’s chicken followed by homecooked food (wow…he wanted my homecooked food!) and just a tiny bit of raw food.

My homecooked food is based on Dr Lisa Pierson’s recipe for raw food. I just cooked it for the benefit of Bunny and Heidi. But now, Bunny already eats raw too. Heidi still prefers cooked food.

Vincent is still sneezing (no thanks to the rainy weather).

Source: https://myanimalcare.org/2018/10/12/vincents-setback/




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